Red White And Blue 4th Of July Makeup That Is Actually Very Wearable

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After reading my title I know what you’re thinking. “How can I really pull off wearing 4th of July makeup without looking cheesy??”

Well luckily, it’s quite easy and can be a PRETTY and very WEARABLE combo when you mix up the red, white, and blue on your face!

I’m sure on the 4th you’ll be showing off your spirited desserts or best dip recipes to be shared with friends, so why not show off your makeup skills too?!! I’ll for sure be making the famous Knorr spinach dip that is always a hit at parties. (BTW – Are you following me on Pinterest here? That’s where I store all my yummy recipes these days.) Okay, back to the tutorial…

Here are some simple steps to follow if you want to pull off patriotic colored makeup without having to go as far as drawing on actual stars on your face and striping your lipstick, which sounds daunting to even me!!

fourth of july makeup looks red lipstick nars

RED…goes on the lips + cheeks.

What’s easier than swiping on a bold red lip??  Drawing a small X on your cheek with the same red lipstick then rubbing it in to create matching blush!! BOOM!!! (Used Nars Matte Velvet lipstick in “Dragon Girl, $27” for this look because it’s awesome.)

I swear this color makes my teeth look WAY whiter than they really are.  Love it also because it’s shaped like a crayon.  That means when you sharpen it, there’s no need for a lip liner because you can draw on a sharp dramatic line around your lips then color in with the same stick.

fourth of july makeup inspiration 2018 over 40 beauty blogger

WHITE…goes around the tear duct area of the eyes + highlighter for cheekbones

So my white tends more the champagne/ivory side as you’ll see. (so I’m not being super literal with the word white!!) I use the white as a brightener to line around the tear duct area and as a way to highlight the cheekbones ABOVE your red lipstick blush.  (I used the Pixi Beauty Glowy Duo Highlighter, $16 in “Subtle Sunrise.” Another single option would be ELF highlighting powder in “pearl glow,” $6.

BLUE…goes on as eyeliner.

You have lots of choices on how to do the blue eyeliner.

It can go either just top, or if you’re feeling super Independent and sassy like I did in this look, both top and bottom waterline.  You can create stark bold lines or thin lines and smudge them to look soft.

But always  accompany your colorful liner with a neutral eyeshadow like MAC’s famous “Cork” golden brown eyeshadow that I cannot live without.

I mixed up my blues and wore a deep liquid blue liner on the upper lid, Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Waterproof “Midnight,” $22, and a brighter blue soft pencil with L’Oreal Colour Riche eyeliner in “Colbalt,” (which is kinda hard to find nowadays but I found a few left on Amazon!).

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There you have it.  A way to embrace the holidays most important shades! 

What are you doing for the 4th?  We will hopefully be spending lots of time outside in the water at the lake and pools with friends over the next couple of days, as long as the rain holds out! We’ve been having a ton of it it seems lately here in GA, so crossing our fingers it doesn’t ruin our 4th fun.  My blue Stila eyeliner is waterproof so I should be alright 😉

P.S.  My Starry earrings are from Bauble Bar which are the perfect celestial accessory all year round.