Would You Wear It : Red Blush

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Quick, what’s the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the words, “Red Blush?”

Probably some sort of clown makeup.  But I want to put that image to rest and give red blush a moment.

I feel red blush has been given a bad name for unfair reasons.  Most people put down things they’re : 1. scared of, 2. haven’t had experience with, or 3. have preconceived notions of.  And yes, even makeup shades can fall into these categories!

I’m actually kind of bored with my safe peachy-pink blushes that I personally wear and admittedly even recommend to everyone. It’s safe yes, but sometimes safe can be a bit blah. So let’s bring on the unique shade of red blush!

What’s got me on the red bandwagon you ask?

I received a bunch of blushes from Mary Kay Cosmetics (post here about that) and I remember when I pulled out the “Spiced Poppy” shade I was shocked and curious. Could I pull it off? Would I look ridiculous? WHY did they make a blush this bold?!!

red blush how to wear it fall makeup

Mary Kay “Spiced Poppy” mineral cheek duo.

What effect red blush gives :  It basically mimics how your cheeks would look if you ran outside in the freezing cold, or were a flushed newborn baby!  It gives the illusion of the blood coming straight to your face.

Red cheeks give the impression of romance and even innocence and shyness – think Snow White.  Even though she was an animated character, she had the most beautiful super red cheeks.  Believe it or not, even fair skinned ladies can pull it off in small doses and it can almost look more believable than bright pinks.  I just love seeing reds on dark skinned gals too, it’s a universal cheek color y’all.

Red blush can work for everyone from fair to dark skin tones like on Christina and Kerry.

How to apply red blush : You should keep the red on the apples of your cheeks to achieve that innocent shy look.  And blend blend and blend some more so that it appears soft with no harsh edges! Make sure to use a small headed blush brush so you have plenty of control over this bold color and you don’t end up with massive amounts of it all over your face.

If I could marry this powder + sculpt brush from Charlotte Tilbury I would, I love it THAT much for all sorts of things like setting powder, to blush, to highlighter! (teeny bit of exaggeration, but not really because it’s the perfect size!! )

I added a golden highlighter (Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze + Glow) right on the top of the red to give it some warm dimension.  And personally, since it’s so much color, I’d suggest keeping your lips and/or eyes super neutral and low key. I actually only have on mascara and my gold highlighter swept onto my eyelids and that’s it in the above picture. My lips are a nude lip liner with MAC clear lipglass on top for mega shine.

Products to try:  If you’re super scared of red blush, you could try a cream blush or even a creamy lipstick which can give a more sheer effect.  I’d try Clinique’s Chubby Stick in “chunky cherry.”  A few others to give a shot, MAC’s “Frankly Scarlet,”  NYX HD blush “Crimson”  or the very popular Nars blush in “Exhibit A.”

Okay, now who is going to give RED BLUSH a shot??