The Only Fall Eye Makeup Look You Need In Your Makeup Bag

fall eye makeup ideas 2017 athens ga makeup artist

If you’re looking forward to what fall eye makeup look you need to have in the bag (your MAKEUP bag!), the answer is the GOLDEN EYE.

Even though it’s still tipping the 90’s here in Georgia, it is October, and I’m officially over summer.  So I am willing and praying for the temps to cool off and feel more like fall so I can bust out my knee boots and jackets!!!

Golden eye inspo.

Typically when we think of autumn, images of multi -colored earthy leaf tones of yellows, golds, and bronzes usually appear.  And since clothing tends to trend towards fun textures of velvet, suede, and leather, your fall eye makeup can do the same with a metallic texture!

fall eye makeup gold looks all skin tones

A pop of golden color on the lids is super simple to pull off, just bold enough without being over the top, and seriously ANY skin tone can wear it.  Just note the pretty faces above if you don’t believe me!  And for all of my friends over 50 that think gold can’t work for them, let Jane Fonda show you how it’s done!  Just a touch of the midas shade can brighten eyes of any age!!

fall makeup look gold eye makeup over 60

How to apply it.

First, prime your lids with this fun ELF product – the Matte to Metal eye primer transformer in “glimmering gold, $4.” I use my finger and press it over my lid not quite up to the brow bone, leaving it bare.  Primer helps to even out skin tone and texture on the eyelids while also giving the eyeshadow something to grab onto and stick to.

Then find your favorite gold shadow, mine is Urban Decay “Half Baked,” and use a fluffy eyeshadow brush like this one to lightly press in the gold shadow into the primer.  I go from the lash line up to a bit further above my natural crease (eye socket). I also take it into the tear duct area for extra drama.

If you want to go for a more natural look of course, omit the tear duct and just let your lids shine!

fall eye makeup ideas 2017 golden eyes fall eye makeup ideas golden eyes

I added a bronze eyeliner along the top lash line only for a bit more dimension and intensity, with my fave NYX slide on glide on pencil in “golden bronze.”  Finished it off with loads of mascara (always), and a warm matte nude lip, NYX soft matte lip cream in “London.”  (Y’all know I own like every single color in the matte lip cream line!! This one is a new fall fave I’ll definitely be busting out this season.)


Bring on the GOLD!

Right around the changing of the seasons, makeup brands get us all excited to change up our look by releasing some really beautiful eyeshadow palettes.  This fall there are some gorgeously gold centered palettes out and I’ve linked them below for you to update your autumn makeup look with…

Are you into the golds for fall?  If not, what is your go-to fall makeup look?