C.O. Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy

I know the weather is turning and that winter is blowing in because my hands are chapped and cracked 24/7!

It’s so annoying, and the fact that I am a mother and am constantly washing my hands or their hands, I cannot seem to keep them moisturized and from not feeling like alligator skin. And goodness knows, I have tried a million different hand creams to fix this constant problem.

So I packed my oldest son and headed over to Bath and Body Works – for what else, but anti-bacterial foaming hand wash – and came out with the Chapped Hands Remedy by C.O. Bigelow. I am desperate to find something to keep my hands soft and supple so I picked up a tube.

Here are my thoughts on my recent purchase:

**I applied it around 5pm and at 8pm after putting the kids to bed, through their bath time, and doing dishes, I realized my hands were still pretty moisturized. 3 hours without reapplying – not too shabby.

**The downside to this product, was the initial smell. It is slightly “medicated” which did eventually wear off. Granted, I didn’t want anything for my hands that smelled of flowers, or rain, etc. that would compete with my perfume I spend way more money on so I let the scent slide.

**Immediately putting it on it felt ever so slightly greasy, but that also faded away after about 10 minutes and soaked in to where my hands did feel very smoooth!

Overall, it has helped out my scaly skin problem and I will continue to keep it in my diaper bag/purse because of it’s handy small size. Oh, and the packaging claims it not only helps to heal the cracked skin, but that it should also help prevent further chapping. We will see!