Eyebrows and Hair Color – A Match Made In Heaven

It’s an unspoken fact, that your eyebrows MUST match your hair color. Okay, maybe not match so much, but at least complement the hair on the top of your head. The two go hand in hand, and if they don’t, then that bleached blonde hair on the top of your head and those dark brown eyebrows are a sure giveaway to those around you that your hair color probably ain’t so natural.

Remember Kelly Bundy (played by Christina Applegate) from the dysfunctional TV show, Married With Children? She played the part of the trashy party animal daughter of Al & Peggy Bundy with the obviously dyed white blonde hair. And it was always soooo distracting to me that her dark eyebrows did not match her hair color.

So if you are going through a hair color change, or just have never paid attention to one or the another, it’s important to make sure to update your eyebrows to complete your whole look.

If you’re going through a slight change in hair color, a colored brow pencil (I love N.Y.C.’s Browblender Brow and Liner Pencils- great pigments and brush combo for cheap)or a neutral eyeshadow that can go wet or dry when used with a brow brush, would be a decent option to use to adjust your brow hue.

If you’re going through a major change in hair color, you need to rely on a brow specialist to help you get it right. You can either go for a tinted brow gel that can be washed off, or you can go for a permanent color change with brow tint. If your hair is going lighter, you must have professional help in lightening your brows- no questions asked. Brow products that can be bought usually only help you to fill in or go darker. Some hair colorists are able to perform the lightening or darkening service for eyebrows, but make SURE they’re trained in doing so because the hairs near your eyes need to be handled more delicately than the hairs on your head.

Now the brave actress Christina Applegate (who has just battled breast cancer and beat it!) has transformed her brows and hair to match her stunning face! She was smart enough to leave her 1987 look of dark brows (not to mention, cleaned them up by plucking!) and white blonde hair behind and join present day 2008.