Grammy 2009 Makeup Trend::False Eyelashes

I was very entertained by the Grammy’s this year. All of the performances were very upbeat and fun with lots of live band interaction and the singing too was really good-no lip synching from what I could tell! And the very sexy Justin Timberlake was all over the place performing with everyone- which is just fine by me 😉 He’s not too shabby to look at and listen to…But enough about JT…

Of course all the ladies on stage really brought it, however if you think about it…there weren’t that many females performing unfortunately. How can I do my job and break down every single leading lady’s makeup look when the majority of people onstage are men!?

The most prominent trend I noticed on a lot of the females were MAJOR false eyelashes.

There were two singers that wore the most noticeable ones of the night, Estelle (her duo with Kanye West was killer, I LOVE their “American Boy” song) and Adele (Londoner who won Best New Artist). Both of these chicks had some crazy long lashes which could only be achieved by falsies.

  • Adele’s eye makeup was fabulous. Not only did she apply the must- have shimmer highlighter in the tear duct of her eyes (see how they glow) but the false lashes were crazy. My guess is that Adele layered 2 or 3 strips on top of one another on the upper eyelid –Yes, you can do that! She surely used lashes like Ardell’s “Naomi” Runway lashes ($3). Hers looked super thick!

  • Estelle had on some rockin purple glitter shadow and the longest strips of falsies ever that her lashes almost touched her eyebrows. MAC’s 6 Lashes ($12) would be a good way to get lashes that extremely long. She was smart to keep the rest of her makeup look more minimal with shimmery nude lips and light cheeks. When you’ve got eyes that bold, you must keep the rest of the look subtle to keep it pretty and not clownish!

There is no doubt that in order be a scene stealer on television and on stage you should definitely wear false eyelashes! There are so many different types of them out there from individuals to strips that there is something for everyone and it’s the best way to get noticed eyes!!!