Lucky Magazine :: the EVERYTHING Under $100 Issue!

I’m obsessed with magazines…obsessed. My coffee table and bedside table runneth over with them.

I admit it is sometimes, no always hard to get through all of them in the same month I get them in the mail because:

(A.) I have two small children who I am happy take up the bulk of my day, and

(B.) I have two small children and after they’ve taken up the bulk of my day, I must spend the rest of it cleaning up after them once they’re sweetly asleep in bed. I am just too tired to look at anything except the back of my eyelids!

But my Lucky Magazine for the month of July with the very sexy Becki Newton from ABC’s “Ugly Betty” on the cover, caught my eye because of the title. I just had to make time for it. Even if it meant turning on some awful cartoon to keep my boys occupied, at least I might get through half of it over a glass of pinot grigio!

Lucky Magazine is a publication all about shopping, style, products and anything else related to the most up to date fashions and trends. So this issue was special because it was devoted to all things under $100! Nothing featured in the whole entire mag was over $100 – nothing. How refreshing! I’ve been getting slightly depressed lately looking at all my fashion mags, finding something I love and must have, then to look at the fine print, and it reads like a thousand dollars. That’s not in the cards for me right now.

So needless to say, I tore through this magazine, utilized the included stickies on all the pages which I needed to remember and go back to reference. (A brilliant idea if you haven’t ever read Lucky before, it includes it’s own sticker page for you to peel and stick on your fav pages).

A couple of my favorite things about this issue:

1. The $25, $15, $10, and $5 and under beauty pages!

Full of great hair and makeup products you must have at affordable prices.

  • Some products they mention that totally deserve the recognition in this section: (1.) Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera ($4) which gives the super hydrating result of regular body oil without the messy runniness because it’s in a gel form! (2.) Rimmel’s Sexy Curves mascara ($7) which promises to last up to 16 hours and it’s collagen formula and hourglass shaped brush helps you to reach every teeny tiny lash.

2. Lucky “Breaks” and “Deals” just for Lucky readers. “Breaks” is where you can go online and sign up to win giveaways every month from hot cosmetic and clothing manufacturers. And you CAN win. I have won stuff before – twice actually! And it literally takes 1 minute. “Deals is where you can go online with certain manufacturers, shop, and at checkout, enter a specific Lucky code to receive a great percentage off your total at checkout. Usually up to like 35% – that’s pretty dang good.

  • My favBreak” possibilities they’re giving away this issue are: a 100 shopping sprees worth $100 from benefit cosmetics and 20 shopping sprees worth $500 from super wearable and chic clothing designer Ella Moss.

  • The best “Deal” for the month in my opinion is the 35% off your online purchase for ByBoe jewelry. This stuff is already inexpensive, so current on the trends in jewelry, and really well made, it is worth the trip to browse this user friendly website. I actually own this necklace shown on the right – it’s delicate and goes with everything!

So if you’re looking for some inexpensive retail inspiration – go pick up Lucky Magazine when you’re checking out at the grocery store.