JennySue Makeup in “Weddings Unveiled”

Future brides- take notice of this blog!! I was just made aware that a wedding I worked on some of the bridal party with back in May was just featured on a bridal blog site called “Weddings Unveiled.”

Click on this link, Weddings Unveiled , to see the gorgeous bride, Andrea, that I worked with a few months ago. You’ll be able to see a few of the photographs from this stunning yet cozy outdoor wedding in Statham, GA and then click on her photographers website to see more makeup images. I got the opportunity to work with this pretty lady after doing her sisters wedding over a year ago and then got to work with Andrea this year!

“Weddings Unveiled” is a magazine resource for southern weddings that uses such vivid imagery that would get anyone excited about everything related to weddings! I’ve been married 8 years and still wanted to flip throughout this blog to see what brides are doing these days in fashion, flowers, cakes, and locations. Being that I live in Athens, GA (a very southern yet hip city!) and am obsessed with all things weddings, this blog will now be close to my heart;-)

Thanks Andrea for giving JennySue Makeup props in this publication!! You and your whole wedding party were a joy to work with.