Monday, December 7, 2009

Boost Your Beauty Routine With Three Products

Everyone bare with me this month as I am totally and completely busy out of MY MIND!! As much as I love the holidays, they are also super duper stressful...partly because I put the stress on myself, and I am completely okay with admitting that. I've got to keep reminding myself that the holidays aren't about perfection, they are about enjoying the moments and the energy that unfolds this whole month of December.

So I wanted to share a few things I've done to improve my beauty routine, which in turn has given me more time to focus on my family rather than my looks this busy month!

1. HAIR: BigSexyHair, Volumizing Dry Shampoo ($12). This product has truly changed my daily (hair) life and given me the chance to skip shampooing every day. I just spray this product on my greasy hair in between shampoos and leave it in for 2 minutes, brush through, and vavoom- I've got matte hair with lift! And I didn't even have to blow dry it out! I tell you, this product saves me 30 minutes a day and is worth every penny.

2. SKIN: Boots No7 Cleansing Wipes ($7). Like I've said, I've had issues with enough time in the day to get my holiday shopping done in addition to all my usual day to day activities and duties! So washing my face at the end of the day has been difficult or put low down on the totum pole until finding these! These wonderful cleansing wipes that are great for all skin types are the ultimate time saver. No need for a separate cleanser and washcloth- you just reach for one wipe, run it under the water then wipe off the days makeup, then toss it! And it's got ingredients like witch hazel and fennel that help to cleanse pores and lightly moisturize skin.

3. MAKEUP: Becca's Caipirinha Glossy Lip Tint ($23). This color is seriously the best sheer lip gloss shade on the market in my opinion. It flatters basically every skin tone and color because it is super sheer while being super glossy with no shimmer or harsh colors. This is my go-to gloss whether I'm sporting a baseball cap, or smokey eyes- it's the perfect compliment to the rest of my makeup, or lack there-of;-)

I've been able to adapt to my beauty routine around this crazy holiday schedule thanks to these three products!


Dao said...

This is a great post! I've been looking for a good dry shampoo for ages. I'm glad this one passed your test.

abbey said...

Such a great post for so many reasons..... I get so many wonderful things from your blog!!

ps. the dry shampoo is so needed!

Mary007 said...

Thanks for the great info!!! What are some of your fave products from BECCA?