Saturday, December 19, 2009

Memorable First Day in NYC

My first family trip, ALL four of us, to the big apple (New York City) has been a memorable day to say the least. We caught the last flight out of Atlanta going to New York this morning because of the snowstorm. FYI, this blog has zero to do with makeup because I had little time to even apply my chapstick during the trip!

My husband and I have been wanting to put our 3 year old - Jack (pic above) on an airplane and so we figured why not take him to the exciting city of NYC during this wonderful time of year for his first time. We slightly forgot that in the midst of taking Jack on a plane, we would have to include his almost 2 year old brother Walker, who is a different story when it comes to traveling...hence the second picture.

This is what I had to resort to in order to make it through the flight with my youngest. A screwdriver (or two, hey it was first class and it was free - so why not!), at 10am was the only way I could keep my composure while constantly entertaining him.

This little guy in the aisles of the airplane was the reason for my early morning cocktail. He sure was cute but extremely busy!

My face says it all. Relieved we made it off the airplane and in NYC safely, however the day has just begun and I am whooped already!

Made it into Times Square via Subway. The kids were fascinated with the subway and it's "characters" more so than the lights at Times Square! A nice man with an outstanding British accent offered to take our family picture for us which turned out lovely!

Here's me and the boys after leaving the utter chaos that was Toys R Us in Times Square. I've never seen so many people in one store in my life. It was nice to get out in the chilly snowy weather and pose for the camera without getting run over! If you're wondering what I'm wearing below, I have on a pair of crocheted over the knee socks on top of my leggings which turned out pretty cute and very warm! And Spanx footless tights underneath it all of course;-)

Jack made a new friend, the manager at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square (yes we went super nerdy tourist by eating dinner there), because he gave JT a personal tour of the drum set once owned by the Beatles. So cool! Thanks Kage (that was his name). Nice loud joint to go eat with two children.

All three of my boys catching snowflakes on their tongues. This was their favorite pasttime during the evening. Oh the little things that mean so much! This picture was worth the brutal plane flight!

On our way back to the hotel and snow was starting to accumulate on the ground. This is nothing compared to what's happening outside my hotel window right now! So I will be excited to see what we wake up to in the morning!

Stay turned for more NYC fun with JennySue Makeup. Hopefully I will be able to do a little more shopping than today, which consisted only of NYC tees for the boys and some Duane Reade staples.

Oh yeah, Makeup.....I did pass by the Sephora in Time Square, but that was it. Oh to be so close to my fave makeup store but to not be able to go in!

The joy of hanging with my three boys beats any beauty buy though!

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abbey said...

Oh my gosh!!! I love it!! Horray for the family picture on times square!! fabulous!!! Thank you for letting everyone live vicariously through you!
PS. I totally admire you guys and your wonderful boys for making the plane trip!