JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Hold Me Bag

It’s a given that if you wear makeup, from a minimalist to a makeup maven, you have something you are putting/storing/organizing your makeup in. Whether it be a ziploc bag or a huge titanium silver tackle box (that’s me!), everyone has something to put their beloved makeup products in.

For my job, I carry around 3 huge bags and yes literally tackle-type boxes from Sephora that hold all of my products. However, these bags are NOT conducive to my everyday makeup life and for personal travel. In walks the Hold Me Bag to save the day!!!

Even though I do wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis (the top picture is a sampling of my everyday products!), I don’t need my full arsenal staring me in the face and I needed something to take my favorite products and brushes with me out of town two weeks ago. The Hold Me Bag has literally changed the way I see makeup bags. This is one of the most unique and smartest organizational products I’ve seen (and I look at travel bags all the time trying to find something that will efficiently hold all my stuff, AND look cute and sophisticated while doing it!) and used.

When I first received my bag in the mail, (a huge thank you Cheryl- you sent this at just the right time!), I was honestly skeptical, “is this thing realllly going to be able to hold ALL of my products without busting open??” But once I filled it with everything I needed, and zipped it up and tied it up, I was shocked and amazed- it all fit and looked so beautiful and travel ready!!

Here’s why I’m excited about my bag:

1. It looks cool yet sophisticated and holds EVERYTHING. The interesting wrap-a-around self tie closure on the outside is modeled after a vintage schoolgirl’s book bag bc it accommodates different degrees of depth depending on how much “stuff” you try to “stuff” in the bag! It grows with your items, unlike with the use of magnets or velcro on the outside.

2. Fabric looks luxurious while also being easy to clean. No cheapy plastic travel bag here! Let’s face it- makeup is messy and it can ruin a makeup bag. The fabric this bag uses is called “knew-suede” which I’d never heard of, but is very expensive looking and feels great, yet seems really durable. It also surprisingly cleans well with just mild soap and water!

3. Comes with cute interior patterns. I got the Miss Suki pattern which looks like little

Harajuku girls, but it also comes in other patterns. Very classic looking on the exterior, cute and trendy on the interior!

4. It holds a lot of makeup brushes. This is always where I have been disappointed in other bags bc there is usually no thought as to where to hold your brushes where they don’t get crushed. This one keeps them smartly separated, straight up, and not banging into each other. This is the most brilliant part in my opinion bc I pay a lot of money for my brushes and want them safely stored when traveling!

I know I’ve gone on and on about a makeup bag, but if you wear makeup and want to keep it nicely organized and safely stored without breaking all those expensive products you bought, while also looking chic while doing it, this Hold Me Bag is perfection. Well worth the $100 price tag for something that I use every single day now for my personal use.