July 11, 2010

It's All Smoke And Mirrors

I can't believe I'm really going to do this...but I am going to post a reeaalll BEFORE (makeup) picture and an AFTER. Very rarely do I ever walk out of the house without atleast mascara, lip gloss, and my eyebrows filled in. It's a routine that must happen for me to be able to function outside of my house. Yes, you might even categorize it as a slight sickness. And the only medicine for it is Bobbi Brown and Revlon!! So this is a big deal that I'm willing to put my bare face out there with no spackle.

Sometimes when I see women that read my blog or clients out and about when I'm with my family or running errands, they constantly apologize for not having their full makeup on! Ladies, I don't judge anyone else that doesn't wear full makeup when they go to pick up a prescription at their local drugstore!! I just do it for myself kind of like other women brush their teeth before walking out of the door, it's just that natural and routine. However I just want to be clear to all, that JennySue doesn't roll out of bed looking flawless, it's all smoke and mirrors...aka, lotsa makeup! That's why I thought it was necessary to show all my fans how much time (atleast 30- 45 minutes) and effort goes into making up my face.

I recently had maternity photos made of myself by my talented friend/photographer Abbey, of Dylan Blue Photography (I will let you all know when I get a sneak peak of my baby mama photos!). I decided to have this done since this is the 3rd time I've been pregnant and have never professionally captured my growing baby bump. I am so excited to see how they turned out because I also got to include my two sons and my husband in the maternity shots,

so it got to be a whole family affair!! My boys looove to smile for the camera (see right;-)).

So this done up (after) look was for my maternity shoot and was a bit more glamorous than my everyday face since I added false lashes with Revlon's Fantasy Lengths self adhesive lashes in style "intensifying" ($5). I love these because they require NO glue and push right on, and pull off easily.

Of course hair and makeup make a huge difference in how a woman can transform herself, just take a look at my before and after! So there's my personal smoke and mirrors example. You see these examples in some of those trashy celeb mags, that yes I read, of stars caught without their makeup. I find it really interesting how plain Jane most female celebs look without makeup and also find it slightly refreshing how normal these women really are!! I mean check out Miss Kim K. with and without- she's a beautiful lady no doubt, but the makeup and self tanner certainly don't hurt her cause huh?!

If dog is man's best friend, I think for women the equivalent is makeup!!


lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

No way is that Kim K with no make up? :O

You look stunning :) xx

Sharon said...

On your photos it was the hair that stood out most on the before and after. The Kim K. photo was a drastic change. But that is what you get with $500 in spray tan and make-up.

JennySue said...

Yes that is Miss Kardashian sans makeup leaving a gym I think. Pretty unfair someone got that picture of her huh??

And yes Sharon, I agree, a nice pricey spray tan does wonders for a girls look! I did my hair myself (def not my specialty!) so thanks for noticing it standing out!

abbey said...

and much more gorgeous 'after' pictures to come!!!

just now seeing the blog makeover!! I love it!!

Mary007 said...

A little makeup does wonders!! You look gorgeous! I want to try some falsies!! Can't wait to see your pictures!! Do you have names for your daughter?

LaneyGB said...

Even as one of your best friends, I always want my makeup to look its best when seeing you! ;-) And of course, you look gorgeous even without makeup! I can't wait to see the maternity shots!!!!

JennySue said...

Mary007, no definite names yet! I think this time we're going to have to see our little one and name her as soon as we meet her. You will know very soon though I am sure!