JennySue Makeup Product Review :: CUE’S-Clean Under Eye Shields

How often do you apply your makeup and then all of that eye shadow and mascara inevitably falls into your eye beds creating darker circles or messing up your concealer and foundation that you’ve already applied??

Well I was just sent a product, Clean Under Eye Shields (Cues), that was created to prevent that issue.  This is one of those products that you might would think, “well that’s just lazy if you can’t just use a qtip and some eye makeup remover to clean the area?”  But when you use these shields, it takes away that cleaning step.  And who doesn’t like to save time while doing their makeup??

These little shields are super paper thin almost semicircle like, that are applied with just a light amount of water, then stick to right underneath your lash line and cover the area to the top of the cheek.  These were easy to apply, got a little crinkly under my eye but it didn’t matter that it wasn’t super smooth, it still protected my eye bed.

What I was most impressed with was that when I applied my mascara on the lower lash line, which is typically where I get messy, these papers soaked up the mascara and gave me clean eyes!

I had not applied my foundation or concealer before I used these, but the website says you can use them on top of your other makeup, so if you’re one of those who likes to do face makeup first then your eyes, these could definitely be the product for you!!  *I also think these would be great for touch ups when doing your eye makeup from day to night and making your shadow and liner a bit more dramatic by adding more product.  These would keep your other makeup free of added color.