Household Items That Double As Beauty Items

I have been madly cleaning my house today.  This happens every once in awhile when the clutter just gets to be too much- or when I have family coming to visit, such as this weekend!!  And as I ran around from room to room in my house, I realized how many different ways I use common household items in my everyday beauty routine!

Here’s a list of some things around my house that double as beauty helpers:

1.  Household item:  Short drinking glass and mirrored Target bathroom cup.
     Beauty use:  Qtip, cotton squares, and makeup brush holder.  I use Qtips like they’re going out of style and don’t want the cheap blue/white box sitting out on my counter, so this glass is a perfect way to keep them at my fingertips while looking pretty and decorative.  I also keep my personal brushes standing upright in this mirrored glass cup from Target so the bristles don’t get squished in a makeup bag or in my bathroom drawer.

2.  Household item: Refrigerator.
     Beauty use:  Storing eye cream to decrease puffy eyes.  There is nothing that feels better than applying your eye cream when it’s nice and cool (or smelling like Trix yogurt right??! ha!).  It’s known that the cooler the temperature of a product can help decrease any “puffy eye” look you might wake up with due to a long night with a sickly infant (my recent issue!) or a long night with Miss Cosmopolitan.  I’ve also read that your common mayonnaise is good for your hair, but honestly can’t bring myself to try that one.  I don’t want to smell like a sub sandwich- no matter how good it works to hydrate my hair!!

3.  Household item:  Your pillow.
     Beauty use:  Looking better to others.  This is a nifty link I found regarding a study done that was printed in the prestigious British Medical Journal, about how getting more sleep (over 8 hrs) actually makes you appear better looking to others. Check out the article to see what conditions these people were put under before put to this test.  This is probably the easiest beauty tip you could implement…unless you have very small children like me;-) Maybe I will look younger once my kids hit 13 or older!!

4.  Household item:  Old fashion and beauty magazines.
     Beauty use:  Shoe trees for tall boots.  Ok, so this isn’t really “beauty” but it’s fashion related! Magazines roll up to the perfect size to fit down in the inside of a boot to help keep their shape.  I have lots of boots, so buying $$ shoe trees for all of my pairs is not an option.  Of course I would like to be able to keep all of my boots in their big boxes, but my closet won’t allow me to take up all of that space.  Storing my boots vertically also is a space creator.

5.  Household item:  Johnson’s Baby Oil and broken bronzer.
     Beauty use:  Make a body shimmer.  I am forever breaking bronzers and not knowing what to do with them, so this makes me feel better than throwing them out.  I placed my broken bronzer (only works well with a super shimmery bronzer – flat/matte bronzers aren’t as pretty in my opinion for this) in an old sample container then added some of my baby’s baby oil to it and mixed it up until it made a pretty fluid shimmer oil.  This is pretty added to the collar bone area.

6.  Household item:  Dryer sheets.
     Beauty use:  Smoother hair.  I love the way my dryer sheets smell for my laundry (Gain Island Fresh, mmm), so I don’t mind stroking this over my hair to keep it from flying away during these winter days.  This is a quick way to calm down static electricity hair before you walk out the door- it is temporary, but it does work.

7.  Household item:  Kitchen utensil trays.
     Beauty use:  Makeup tray divider.  I bought these metal kitchen utensil trays from Wal Mart for like 10 bucks and placed them in my bathroom drawers to put my makeup in.  It helps me separate each category (like pencils, mascaras, shadows, etc) so I can easily find what I’m looking for when I open up my drawer.  And they’re easy to wipe off or throw in the dishwasher when they get dirty.

Amazing how many ways you can save by not buying things specifically made for your beauty routine huh?!!

What are some of your favorite household beauty tricks?? I want to hear!!