Happy Love Bug Day

I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine’s Day!!  What a gorgeous day it is here in Athens, around 66 degrees and sunny!! You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day to celebrate love on. On the down side, one of my little “love bugs,” my 3 year old, has a confirmed case of the flu bug- boo hoo.  He missed out on his school Valentine party, but we spread out all our other Valentine loot on the table for him to get excited over!  Notice, a majority of the Russell Stover chocolates are completely gone- chocolates make V-Day worth while.

I found a quote from comedian David Frost who said “LOVE is staying awake all night with a sick child.  Or a very healthy adult.”  Ha!!!  

So true since my hubby and I have been up with our little guy 2-3 times during the night since he got sick.  I’m hoping this nice weather will cheer him up.

Well last night, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Grammy’s.  It was a nice way to unwind after taking care of sick kiddos and I thought it was one of the more entertaining Grammy’s I’ve seen.  And of course I loved seeing Rihanna, who always blows me away with hair and makeup.

Rihanna on the Grammy red carpet last night.
Close up I took of my TV of Rihanna’s eye makeup! 

So I took some inspiration from her Valentine-like pink and purple colored eyes with dark outstanding lips!

So this is my Love Bug look breakdown of products:

Eyes:  Kat Von D True Love eyeshadow palette. I used “missy”(shiny white) on my brow bone and from lash line to crease.  I also used “babe” (bright purple) on outside of crease and in inner tear duct area.  I also used a deep mauve-pink from my Tarte Jewelry Box (no name, sorry!) on the inside of my crease towards my nose.  Black eyeliner used on upper lash line and along inner lower rim.  Lots of Bad Bad Black by MAC Opulash mascara ($14). False individual lashes would have ramped this look up, but I have no time for that with sick kids on my hands;-)

Skin & Cheeks:  Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse in color “creamy natural.”  Blush by Mark cosmetics, mosaic blush in color “chica.”($8)

Lips:  Tom Ford lip color in color “black orchid” (a super deep dark wine) with Lancome’s Juicy Tubes gloss in color “beach plum” ($18) on top for extra added shine!!

Make sure you reach out and love on someone, something, a pet, whatever you can get your hands on today!!  Or at least remind someone how much you care about them.  Here’s me sending you all a big “germ free” JennySue Makeup hug!!