May 24, 2011

Rainbow Brite Lives

Rainbow Brite was one of my all time favorite cartoons in the 80's, 1984 to be exact.  Well that ages me huh??  Who cares, the 80's were fun, and she colored the world with love!!!  What I remember most was that she was so cute and positive, two attributes that make me smile.  But she was a children's cartoon, so those two attributes are a must right??

My version of an extremely colorful Rainbow Brite inspired face!

Anyway, my sweet little daughter was wearing a super "bright" madras halter dress the other day (see sweet girl below) and it inspired my current "Rainbow Brite" colorful makeup look.

My Rainbow Brite inspired Vivian- minus the blonde ponytail and stars!!  
She has the positive attitude though!

So often I get asked, "Can you do anything other than natural bridal makeup??  In other words, can you ONLY do SAFE makeup??

Well, actually, yes, I can step out of the browns and taupe box, I am not afraid of color!!  In walks my muse, Rainbow Brite.  Here is how I accomplished my obscenely colorful face:

My everyday face.

My brightly colored face!!

Products used (my color palette inspiration at right): 

1.  Bobbi Brown Brights Palette ("samba"- orange, "sea foam" and "jade"- blues)-orange from lash to crease, and blues on the lower lash line.
2.  Nars eyeshadow in "moulin rouge" (purple)- used on upper liner and crease
3.  NYX jumbo eye pencil in "milk" (white)- used along lower inner waterline
3.  Napoleon Perdis colour disc eyeshadow #92 (hot pink)- used on cheeks
4.  LipFusion InFatuation  lipgloss in "Screen Siren"- used on lips

 I liked how this angle shows the extreme lacquer look of the lipgloss I used,
as well as the underneath of the eyes!

Are you surprised that JennySue is wearing such an "out there" makeup look when this was her before...

My neutral BEFORE- please excuse the hair.  It wasn't about the hair today, just makeup!

My extreme bright AFTER!

Granted, this look is quite extreme for me to feel comfortable running to the grocery store with my 3 kiddos, but it sure is fun for a night out!!  I broke my rule of picking one feature to play up, either eyes or lips.  Because in this instance, I decided to play up EVERYTHING!!!  

What to you think about bright makeup and not balancing out the use of highlighting one feature over the other and going all out??!


Dao said...

I love this look! Your earrings are so pretty! Also, I love that baby Vivian wore a colorful dress, too!

JennySue said...

thanks Dao!! they are cheapies from Charlotte Russe!

Cosmetoholic said...

you are so beautifull woman :)

Ally Garner said...

Wow, i love that lipgloss. I'm hunting that shade down this weekend. I'm a brunette too w/ about the same skin tone so fingers crossed it looks as good on me as it does on you.

And Jenny, please tell me the shade you're wearing on your nails. It looks like a fun, almost neon coral. Just gorgeous!

Loved this post-thanks for the tips!!

Kirsten Edwards said...

Hi JennySue. I love your blog, I read all the posts. I am a mum of three too and love makeup. I love colour and try to do something different each day with colour. If I stuck to the same look, I would get bored and not wear it. Yesterday I wore silver and green eyeshadow. I sometimes play both lips and eyes, making sure they tone. I'm not sure if I look over done but I never get rude comments. :) Anyway, keep up the wonderful blog, I love it!!

Plumbing said...

I really love makeup. Putting it to my face makes me happy. And sometimes other girls want to mix and match different color to achieve a great result.

JennySue said...

Ally, it's actually a tomato red orange but the camera makes it look neon! It's NYC long wearing nail enamel in Times Square Tangerine Creme. A cheapie found at Target, but I love the punch of color!

JennySue said...

Kirsten, thanks so much for the kind words!! As a mom of 3 as well, I think it's okay for us to enjoy all the makeup we want to apply to our faces if it makes us happy and gets us thru the busy day!!