Sunday, May 29, 2011

Staycation In Style

Well the hubby and I did the "staycation" thing this weekend in our city of Athens, and we had an absolute blast!!  The urban dictionary defines a "staycation" as a vacation spent close to home.  In our case, we stayed in our own city at the uber fabulous Hotel Indigo, which is literally maybe 8 miles away from our home, but felt like a world away!!

This is just what this mom of 3 needed, 
the feeling of escaping for just a little while to rejuvinate my batteries!!

I feel pictures say a thousand words (and are more fun to look at than words sometimes!) so I just thought I would share with you all some pics from our fun Saturday and Sunday quick getaway.  If you are a parent and don't want to travel too far away from your kiddos but need to get away, I definitely recommend staycation-ing in your hometown if it's cool like Athens is!! 

We really got to experience and enjoy our own city in a way we'd never done before.  Here's how the day played out...

Started relaxing in our lovely SUITE (pics to follow) with my new fave cocktail of SkinnyGirl Margaritas.  Yes, Bethenny Frankel from the Real Housewives of NYC/Bethenny Ever After, has truly hit a homerun with this product, so yummy!

The entrance with fridge and small kitchen bar

The bathroom- it had 2 shower heads and makeup remover cleansing cloth packets 
(how'd they know JennySue had forgotten her facial cleanser??-this was perfect!). So often hotels just offer the basic bar soap- this was a nice touch.

Our sitting area.  Got to catch up on some shows other than cartoons!

The pillows on this king bed were honestly the most comfy I've ever laid my head on.

We also were within walking distance to downtown so we did some leisure shopping. I picked up two rad vintage looking tees and tanks from Junkman's Daughter's Brother- an Athens staple.  They have a massive collection of the most random items you can imagine.  

I got this Def Leppard tee and Wonder Woman tank- they are fun!! 

We did some happy hour cocktails on a rooftop bar.  These pics show how me and the hubby were very busy on our cell phones!! Ha!!  This busy doesn't compare to our "busy" at home with 3 kids under 5!

I'm pretty sure I was tweeting here;-)

We also got to enjoy a late night yummy dinner at Nona.  How's this for a fattening but fulfilling dinner?

My filet drenched in Bearnaise sauce, creamed spinach, and crunchy potatoes.  Heaven on a plate.

This was my hubby at our dinner spot being silly by flashing his dollar bills around!

We finished up our evening at another local bar, East West Bistro.  Right outside of this place, I also got my picture drawn by a local with an amazing talent.  Michael Davenport (shown below) draws portraits of people and the UGA mascot... with his mouth!  

He doesn't have either of his hands, but has made a name for himself by doing something so unbelievable and always having a super positive attitude and smile for everyone that comes into contact with him.  He drew a picture a few years ago of my oldest son and it still hangs on his bedroom door. Now I've got my very own Michael portrait!

Our hotel breakfast before we headed back home. 
 No, that's not a beer at 10am, it's a glass of apple juice!!

Our fun filled and relaxing weekend of course had to come to end, and it did with a yummy outdoor breakfast that we had at the hotel before we left.  I got a smoked gouda bagel with sausage and eggs and scallions, while my hubby showed me up by getting a healthy bowl of oatmeal!!  

I thoroughly enjoyed my travels and leisurely weekend and would definitely recommend the Hotel Indigo to EVERYONE that is looking for a chic and modern place to stay.  I would like to take this moment to thank the awesome grandparents that helped out with all 3 of my children in keeping them happy and busy while me and the hubby were happy and lazy;-)


Andee Layne said...

what a cute idea "staycation"! you looked gorgeous and i love bethanys skinny girl cocktails too! xo

JennySue said...

Thanks Andee-those SkinnyGirl cocktails are dangerous for sure- so tasty!!!

Michelle (LipstickRules) said...

Looks like a great time! We did something very similar in the fall. Now I want to do it again!!!

JennySue said...

Michelle, you should do it again, I'm definitely going to keep this tradition up!