Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grey Shadows Brighten My Day

It started off cloudy today, which honestly was the deciding factor in my eye shadow choice.  Yes, it was that simple.  I can get makeup inspiration from anything:)

And don't think grey shadow is boring or depressing.  Oh contraire mon fraire!!  Just the opposite, especially for dark brown eyed girls like me.  Greys, charcoals, and silvers actually make brown eyes sparkle!

My products + techniques used to create this look were:

1.  MAC "blanc type" eye shadow (matte ivory- $14.50) all over the lid.

2.  Bobbi Brown "slate" eye shadow (medium matte grey - $20).  Used in the crease and along lower lash line. One of my very favorite grey shadows that has a warmness about it, with almost a hint of brown to it.  MAC "print" is also another great grey option with a hint of shimmer to it.

3.  Wet n Wild H20 Proof liquid liner in color "smokey" (charcoal - $4) along the upper lash line winged out slightly. This stuff rocks my face off - seriously, it doesn't come off!! I put this liner on at 8:45am this morning, and these pictures were taken around 8pm at night. Awesome staying power.

I also knew that I was going to get my hair color bumped with a little red again today (here's my blog from the first time I got it switched from black to red) so that also helped brighten my cloudy day!! What girl doesn't look forward to a little relaxing time in the hair chair??!

I'm loving how the deep red auburn color has finally turned out!

Julia Roberts with her deep red hair and grey shadow combo!

See how her brown eyes pop with this combo!  You can check out other "red" hot celeb heads here from

Nothing like some complimentary eye shadows and fresh hair color to lift the clouds away!!

What are some great grey shadow colors that have brightened your day before?


DaphYin said...

So simple yet very seductive! :) LOVE IT! I've never found grey to be depressive... I like this eyeshadow colour very much indeed!

Alison M said...

ADORE your makeup today! I am always on the hunt for a grey shadow that I'm comfortable in. I often feel that silvers and greys don't match my skin tone quite right so I lack confidence in trying new shades. As much as I love makeup, I sure don't have a knack for finding the right colors for myself!

Ally Garner said...

Sold! I'm totally buying the slate eye shadow as soon as i leave your bog. I have blue eyes, but i'm trying it anyways. I wear so much charcoal grey in the Fall & Winter i think it'll be gorge.

Also trying the liquid liner One. More. Time. before giving up forever. It does stay on longer and looks so beautiful but i SUCK with liquid liner. My eyes look like your boys drew on my face with their crayons every time i attempt liquid liner. Still giving it another shot though, just for you ;)

This is such a pretty look Jen. Thanks for the tips!

JennySue said...

Alison- I believe everyone can wear the color grey- you just have to make sure you go with the right "tone" of grey, meaning a warmer shade with a brownish red base or a lighter shade with a blue/pink base. Remember, it's makeup, so try it, and if it doesn't work, wipe it off and try try again!!!

JennySue said...

Ally, you make me laugh out loud about your liner description. Keep practicing girl, practice makes perfect;-)