Blush Is The New Lipstick

I’ve recently been reading about how powder blush can actually be applied to the lips to create a more matte finish which is a popular lip look right now.  If this surprises you that I’ve never tried this before, and I’ve been doing makeup artistry for 10 years, well then I’m sorry to shock you.  But better late than never right??!!  Goes to show you there’s always something new to learn in every craft!

Beware- Extreme CLOSE UP!!
My all time favorite blush, Nars “Orgasm” shown it can also be used as my lipstick!!

So yesterday and today I’ve given this novel idea of using blush as lipstick a try, and I must say, I’m loving the outcome.  However, I didn’t realize that using a similar shade of blush on top of a similar shade of lipstick actually creates better staying power as well!!  Huge bonus!

Here are some photos from the last two days of me getting double use out of my cheek color and how I got it to stick.

Sorry for another extreme close up, but I wanted you to see how well the blush shows up on your lips and how true the color can actually be.
1.  I started with a slightly tacky base by using one of the lipglosses that came in my tarte jewelry box and just applied an ever so sheer swipe of it across my bare lips with my finger.  I used a similar but lighter version of a coral base that wouldn’t fight with the Nars blush shade.

2.  This is a before picture of the first day I tried blush as lipstick with a really bright fuschia pink color.  This is just so you can see how much difference the blush made in the next picture!  I have on a really light pink gloss from the tarte box again here.

3.  This is my after shot with blush shown.  Crazy how this transformed my lip color right??

4.  I love how matte this lip look turned out bc the blush has zero shimmer in it, unlike the Nars Orgasm which is filled with shimmer.  So two very different looks.  Another extreme closeup for your viewing pleasure…ha!!!

5.  I applied both blushes with my pinky finger to my lips.  I swirled my finger around the color pot and then pressed the blush into my lips- no swirling or swiping on the lips, press press.  I blotted with one sheet of tissue, then added a second layer of blush.  If you check out my pinky finger here, you can see how stained it got!  This created true staying power!!

The good news is about using your blush as lipstick, is that you can use your blushes with or without shimmer to create a really neat and polished matte effect while also creating a longer lasting lip color.  I still considered the Nars blush that had shimmer to look matte-like because it wasn’t glossy like a real lip gloss.  I also loved how the blush didn’t taste powdery or funny on my lips like I thought it would bc the light layer of real lipstick or gloss you use should keep the powder soaked in.

*Note, if you use a gloss, don’t use a sticky or high gloss, use more of a satin finish one.  A lipstick would probobly be better honestly.*

So how many of you have already tried this insider tip that took me 10 years to try out??  Do you like the  look and are you loving the matte lips trend seen lately??