Saturdays In Athens

College football is in full swing and that means so are Saturdays here in Athens.  Living in a southern college town during football season is one of the most fun times of year in my opinion. There is an electricity pulsing through the city that can be felt everywhere!!

Me with a very enthusiastic and painted Georgia fan!

Despite a crushing 2nd loss this weekend (to the South Carolina Gamecocks, boo!), I still had a crazy fun time leading up to the actual game.  Now that I’m older and have 3 kids, luckily we take our dawg losses with a grain of salt and don’t let it ruin our weekends – we have a bit more perspective on the more important things.  But it still stinks when your team loses;-)

The hubby and I had the rare opportunity to get out early in the afternoon, walk all around campus and downtown, and soak in the game day atmosphere while my folks took care of our kiddos (thanks a ton mom and dad-you rock!).

My mom actually made my sweet Viv her very own one of a kind Georgia romper- 
how cute did this frock turn out?!

So I thought I would share my tailgate experience in pictures.  It was super hot on Saturday, so I planned my wardrobe and makeup accordingly:

  • baseball cap (bc I didn’t want to worry with fixing my hair then it falling flat in the heat!), 
  • tinted moisturizer with SPF,  
  • MAC Viva Glam VI lip gloss– the perfectly pretty lip gloss 
  • Nordstrom black scoop neck t-shirt and white linen Banana Republic shorts- easy breezy

 Posing along the train tracks getting ready for a long afternoon and evening!
Ran into some old sorority sisters along the way!!
I had that Golden Pantry cup with me, all day long-ha!

 Stopped by a local favorite restaurant, Five Star Day, and picked up a yummy
BBQ sandwich to fuel up.  Little Hazel (center) was the perfect budding entrepreneur
wearing her apron and helping her mom sell yummy grub!
Hubby Scott enjoying some TGI Fridays Potato Skins chips at a local 
bar, Walker’s Pub, that we stopped off at along the way to the stadium. 
He looks so cool eating potato chips dontcha think?
I love seeing Hairy Dog running across the field with the GA flag- always gets the crowd pumped.
So even though we lost Saturday night, I still had an amazing time just hanging with the hubby and taking in all of the traditions of the football scene.  I love Saturdays in Athens town and look forward to more this season, but with a WIN next time!!!