Is It Ok To Match Your Makeup To Your Clothes??

I’ve often asked myself, “is it really okay to sometimes match or mimic the colors in my clothing to my makeup??”  Sometimes I choose my outfit before I apply my makeup, or sometimes it’s vice versa and I put on my makeup first because I’m not feeling my wardrobe and figure the clothing will become inspired by the makeup.  Today I chose a violet v-neck tee from Victoria’s Secret (BTW, I own 3 of these tees, bc they are my favorite comfy inexpensive tees that fit just right!) and….

{…then decided I liked the color so much I should add it to my eyes and lips.  
What do you think??  Is it too matchy matchy??}

{I used the idea of shadow/blush + lipgloss to deepen the color of my sheer lipgloss.}
In order to keep some sort of balance, I made my lips the most sheer form of lilac possible by adding the same shade of shadow used on my eyes (from my Stila color wheel) right in the center of my lipgloss, which is a Lancome Juicy Tube.  At least I didn’t make my lips AS vibrant as my eyes, even though they were in the same color family!!
So to keep this short and sweet, I need to know what everyone thinks about matching your makeup to your clothing.  In my opinion, clothes and makeup influence and compliment one another, but is it too much when your face matches your outfit??   I can’t decide and am leaving this up to you…Is it a DO or a DON’T in your opinion??