Book Review of “Makeup Makeovers In 5, 10, 15, and 20 Minutes” By Robert Jones

I can never get enough of pictorial makeup books.  Books are honestly one of the most useful learning tools for me as a makeup artist, and they always provide me with some new information or technique on how to approach a face!  So of course I was thrilled when I received the *newest book by renowned makeup artist and best selling author Robert Jones in the mail!

{New book, “Makeup Makeovers in 5, 10, 15, and 20 Minutes. Expert secrets for stunning transformations.”}
This book will be hitting shelves in February and if you are one of those women that needs a makeup book that has literal step by step pictures on how to create many different makeup looks, you should probably look into this one.  Of course time is one of our biggest obstacles as women when it comes to putting on our makeup, and this book gives you options of looks to create in specific amounts  of time- from the most basic at 5 minutes to your most glamorous in 20 minutes!
{Just have this on your bathroom vanity for step by step instructions!}
Even a makeup artist like myself who has been working with faces for over 10 years can still always learn something new and exciting from another artist.  This book gives great advice from everything to contouring (which is one of the more complicated techniques of makeup artistry in my opinion!) to what type of brushes to use to create the beloved smokey eye.
Here is one look I tried out in the book, called “Color my world” which showed a simple but trendy way to apply a bright pop of color to your eyes for fun in 15 minutes.  The one trick that he implemented and pointed out, was to add your lighter of the two bright shades along the lower lash line and the darker on the upper lid so as not to drag your eyelid down and look tired.  Who knew??! 
 {Ground your bright colors with a neutral shade in the crease to start off with.}
 {Adding my darkest bright color, purple, from lash line to meet my neutral crease shade.}

{Using my lightest color, my teal green pencil, on the lower lash line plus mascara.}

{He even teaches you how to finish off your look with blush and lip color choices for a complete look!}
My overall opinion of this makeup book – I truly have enjoyed looking through it and getting fresh new ideas to implement in my everyday hectic schedule.  I’ve bought many makeup help books that haven’t been this in depth in terms of actual step by step pictures showing you every step of the way.  And we all know when it comes to makeup, visuals help more than words!!  And the looks Robert Jones creates are not too wild and crazy for most women to pull off everyday.  I give this book a major two thumbs up!!
*This product was sent to me for consideration and review only. All opinions are honest and mine!*
Have you ever bought a pictorial makeup book to help teach you how to put on your own makeup, and if so, what’s one of your favorites?