January 20, 2012

Good Girl vs Bad Girl Makeup :: Bad

If you missed the first installment of Good Girl vs Bad Girl makeup, check out my good girl side HERE.  Now we are onto how I used my beauty tricks to turn my daytime good girl, into a nighttime bad gal!

{My bad girl stare.  Not as intimidating as I'd of liked, but I tried!}

{I'm actually more comfortable smiling to be quite honest. Guess I'm good at heart;)}

So if you remember from the previous post, I was going to build upon the previous goody-two-shoes look, to create a more devil-ish look!  So we will begin where we left off  using the same products that were listed and adding a few more.  Here are the additional makeup steps that you would add onto the previous look in order of how I would apply.

1.  Eyes.  Avon Big Colour Eye Pencil in "night glisten" and Ardell false lashes in "wispies" were the only two additional products needed to create the bad girl eye effect.

 {Extend the L'oreal Infallible bronzed taupe shadow from lashline up to a bit higher than the crease area. Like I said, this stuff will last through whatever mischief you are up to-
it has mah-jor staying power!!"

{Line the whole eye with a soft chubby black pencil 
and create a sideways V out of the corner of the eye.}

 {Smudge the entire black lined area and V with a Qtip to blend and create smokey effect.}

{Take your original taupe shadow and brush it over the smudged black liner to add some shimmer to the overall eye, which smooths everything out.}

{My new fave strip falsies when I'm in a hurry- Ardell "wispies"-
I've already worn this same pair 3 times!}

{Press these into your already mascara'd and curled lashes for a more natural looking fit.}

2.  Face & Lips.  MAC Bronzer in "golden," Lancome Color Design lipstick in "Edgy," and Too Faced Mirror Mirror gloss "I know you want."

 {Feels funny, looks funny, but shows where your natural cheekbones are so that you can apply your bronzer right underneath them for contouring purposes.}

{I applied this berry plum lipstick with my finger so as to create a more "stained" look- Bad girls aren't perfect, far from it...wink wink;)}

For the finishing touches on my bad girl alter ego,  I applied my clear gloss right in the center of my bottom lip to create a pout-ier effect (think bad girl Megan Fox pout) and slicked my two day old hair into a sleek ponytail.  Voila, the fiercest looking bad girl I can conjure up that would still be wearable on a dinner date with the hubby, sans kiddos of course!

So which makeup do you think should win the battle of  GOOD vs BAD...



Which look speaks to you?? 


Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Love them both!! Love the lipstick especially! As I'm getting older though, I'm favouring more of the good girl. :)

Ally Garner said...

So. Much. Va Va Va Voom!

Love them both, but the bad girl is so much more fun! Isn't she always though ;)

megin said...

Bad Girl !! love the sideways V advice!

Samyukta ISimplyLoveMakeUp said...

love the bad girl look on you through and through :)
have been following ur blog silently but couldn't resist commenting here :D

JennySue said...

@Tracy- I hear you on the "maturing" side of lipsticks, usually lighter and pink is better!
@Ally- yes, she usually is much more fun;)
@Megin-the sideways V is key to a sexy bad girl eye
@Samyukta- so happy you decided to speak up!! be silent no more, I love love comments and hearing from everyone!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Love the lashes, your liner is soo smouldery and sultry, and your blending is fabulous!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I really like both of them! I think you did a great job :) Thanks for your comments on my blog. I can't wait to read your future posts. :)

jas said...

love both! i really like the fierce red lip color, but the more nude look is great too :)


JennySue said...

@silhouettescreams- I always say, once you've blended, blend some more! Thanks for the compliment!
@Kim- glad you stopped by, I will certainly keep up with you as well!
@jas- yes, it's hard to pick a favorite depending on what mood you're in that day. thanks for the comment!

Kim Simon said...

This blog is a great source of information which is very useful for me. Thank you.

pavani reddy said...

u rocked both the looks....amazingggggg jennysue

Anonymous said...
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