January 6, 2012

JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Stila Lip Glaze Set- Part 1 of 2

I actually got the Stila Lip Glaze Set ($25) I was begging for for Christmas (thanks Mom!) and of course want to share with you what all 8 colors included in the set look like on an actual person.  No color swatches on my hand or wrist here!! (Why do some beauty bloggers do that?? Showing a shadow or lipstick on your forearm doesn't do me a lot of good in terms of what it might look like on my eye beds or mouth!)

{All 8 shades- 4 top sellers and 4 limited edition ones.}

I am splitting this photo review up into two parts starting with the first 4 colors shown from left to right here (they're more of the pink based sheer ones.)

{ "Apricot" the most color-less sheer lip color of the bunch}

{"Grapefruit"- this fruity light pink is the perfect description}

 {"Fantasy" is a bit more of a punch pink than Grapefruit and has a slight shimmer added}

{"Starfruit" is a bit darker than Fantasy and feels like just enough color}

I will post the remaining 4 later once my lips get over the constant applying and reapplying feel:-)  These glazes smell wonderful but don't have much staying power, which is okay, bc I like the way these feel when applied!  Check back for the last 4 colors- my absolute FAVORITE shade is to come...hint, it matches my favorite eye shadow pan from Stila...

Have you tried Stila's lip glazes??  Do you like?  If so, which color is your fave??


Charlene said...
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Charlene said...

Hi Jenny! Hello from over at It's a Charm'ed Life! Loving your blog! Thanks so much for popping over to mine...stop by soon! I'll be following you! =) You look beautiful in your pictures!

Char =)

StyleIDnet said...

Love the starfruit, Stila is definitely one of my favorites, I have tons of their lip glosses, I and think I am adding this one now.

JennySue said...

@Charlene- thanks so much for stopping by mine too! Will def be over to itsacharmlife soon;-)
@StyleIDNet- Stila does it right with some pretty shiny lipglosses don't they?? Starfruit is great, I agree! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Michelle (LipstickRules) said...

Love them all!!

stephanie said...

ok i just found your blog and i read and read and read though so many of your posts! i just couldn't stop!! love it! and you have some amazing skin!! xo

JennySue said...

@Stephanie- aw thanks!! so glad you have enjoyed looking through all of my posts-that means a lot!! keep coming back girl! and the skin is thanks to a lot of makeup, skincare products, concealers, highlighters, etc etc- Ha!!

akiko said...

You look beautiful! Love the first color "Apricot"! xo akiko
Style Imported

LauraMck said...

This set looks great!! I've never used Stila Lip Glazes, really want to try them now xx

JennySue said...

@akiko-thanx for your input! I do like the natural glow of the apricot too.
@Laura- you def should give these a try then!

SST Cosmetics said...

I'm going to have to say the 'Fantasy' color is my favorite! Looks great on you!

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giftzla said...

I love the way you swatch it on your lip. :D
After I read your review I was looking for this collection all over the internet > < ...so pretty