The Little Things Make Me Happy

There are two quotes about HAPPINESS that I try to remember and remind myself of everyday.  Because sometimes even the best, brightest, or most expensive lipstick just isn’t going to cut it on a bad day…
{My son enjoying his sandwich a little more, due to the happy face we cut in it!}
“Most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
Abraham Lincoln
“Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.”
Rosalind Russell
With the new year upon us, I’ve got a lot of excitement built up as to what BIG things it could bring if I continue to work hard. But I also want to enjoy every waking minute of what I have already accomplished, including the LITTLE things and moments.  My husband and I are always saying how we shouldn’t wish our lives or our kids lives away when we contemplate the future or say things like, “Man, we wish our kids were big enough to make their own dinner”, or “Man we wish our daughter was already potty trained so we didn’t have to buy diapers anymore (we’ve been buying them every year since our first was born in 2006!).  But the truth is, when those moments are gone, we’re going to wish we had those times back and realize how happy those things made us!!
So here are a couple of “little things” that have made me happy lately as seen through Instagram. (I am seriously obsessed with this app – who’s with me on this one??)
{Trying to be a Maxx-inista while shopping with Vivian.  
She thought playing peek-a-boo with the scarves I was searching for would be more fun!}
{Ordered a glass of wine at a local restaurant and this was how high they filled it up.  
I definitely got my monies worth, which made me happy!}
{My oldest son thoroughly enjoying a Krispy Kreme donut, with sprinkles of course. 
Happiness deep fried!}
Here are a couple of links around the beauty and fashion blogosphere that I’m “happy” to share:
1.  4 ways to look good in the a.m.  (you will get hooked on Kandee’s site – she’s a mom and MUA with such a delightful attitude!!)
2.  If you’re a fashion or beauty blogger, this will make you laugh out loud from the lady who keeps it real over at Lipstick Rules.
3.  This family is so cute, it makes you want to smile!
4.  Turning beauty “ohNo!” moments into “ohyes!” ones.
5.  When a drugstore brand gets a makeup product right it makes our wallets happy.
What makes you truly HAPPY?? Is it getting that promotion at work you worked so hard for, or is it finally attempting that recipe that turned out so delicious your family thinks you’re the next Paula Deen??  Big or small, I want to hear it all!