Twice As Nice Cheeks :: Using Blush And Bronzer Together

Even in the winter months it’s beneficial to use a light bronzer along with your blush to achieve the healthiest of looking cheeks. By using both products, you’re able to create multidimensional color which gives pretty cheeks that almost mimics natural looking sun exposure!  I’m going to show you how I used two blush and bronzer products I just ordered from Trish McEvoy to get my “twice as nice” cheek look.

{Two things to remember when applying these types of products:
1. Placement is key and 
2.  Keep it believable with sheer layers – no bronzer masks please!}  

{Trish McEvoy’s Liquid Face Color in Shade 1 ($32) 
Dual Resort Bronzer ($35)- this product was a sample size though.}
(Note- Before I start this, I usually I apply my bronzer 1st then my cheek color 2nd when it comes to powder formulas, but I’m going to switch that up this time since I’m using a liquid cheek color and shimmer bronzer.) The liquid face color goes on first and is actually a gel based cheek stain that looks like you’re glowing from within-  no powdery formula sitting on top of your skin here!  It has great staying power, not all day, but longer than most powders I’ve worn.  
{I ended up applying two coats of this product so it would show up better in photos!}
I apply it by literally drawing the shape I want my blush to be in to achieve a thinner and more precise bone structure for the bronzer to follow.  I use a circular/oval motion (see actual drawing above) then stretch that oval out back towards towards my temples.  I then blend with the actual applicator a little but finish off with my fingers for the most realistic blending.
Second comes my shimmery bronzer that I’m going to start off by blending all around my hairline and under my chin to give the appearance of a healthy skin tone that isn’t just located in the center of my face (which ends up looking more makeup-y)!
 {Go around entire perimeter of the face with your bronzer right into the hairline.}

{Pretend there’s the letter C around each eye you’re tracing with.}
To risk looking greasy make sure to pick a bronzer with very little shimmer, not too sparkly.  I then use my bronzer right underneath my cheek color and pull it back towards my ears to create mini cheekbones. Finish with a light sweep on the very top of the cheek stain (not all over it, right on the tippy top) and around the sides of my outer eyes up to my brow bone.

{A healthy glow even in the dead of winter!  No spray tans needed!}}
There’s definitely an art to mastering bronzer + blush, but with a little bit of practice, it can create a beautiful impact.  There are tons of blush bronzer duos out these days if you don’t want to buy these two colors separately, like E.LF. Contouring Blush & Bronzer Powder or Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Blush and Bronzer.  With color like this, I paired it with very neutral eyes and lips so that the cheeks had their moment to shine!
Do you use the “twice as nice” technique of blush + bronzer?  What products help you achieve that healthy cheek glow?

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