Kicking Off My Overall Style In The Month Of March

It’s March 1st, and woah, where did January and February go??  I’m actually super excited for this month of March because I’m going to kick it off with some personal “vanity” goals (shown below) while wearing these “kicks” that just came in the mail…

{Custom “kicks” designed off}

These are my belated birthday present that the hubby let me design from tread to the laces.  This site is amazing and you can build any type of tennis shoe you want and know that no one else will be walking around in a similar pair!!  Wearing these bright and personal things are going to give me a bit more pep in my step this month and I intend on wearing them with everything– from yoga pants to skirts!  I don’t practice yoga, but I like wearing the pants to look like I do:)

{My current style crush- from hair to shoes- Olivia Palermo.
Backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion week via}

Looking at this pic of the ever stylish Miss Palermo makes me want to self tan my legs and wear sheer blousy shirts with shorts and heels.  Such a springy look!!  Since March houses the official first day of spring (March 20th),  that means I am going to start getting excited about the transition into spring clothing and makeup (no more Uggs and pale skin!).  And I’m going to have to start getting used to the idea of having a 6 year old around the house since my oldest sons birthday falls on the 20th! Like I said, “woah, where did the time go??”

My personal “vanity” goals for this month are going to be simple and anything but serious:

1.  If I can find some extra cash laying around, I’d love to invest in this 10 minute trainer.  Because if you could see my March calendar right now, you’d see that I have little time to myself in a day, but I know it’s still no excuse to not work out a little.  My body is really starting to squeek and I’m not quite as limber as I used to be – time to do something about it.

2.  Quit having naked nails.  It makes me sad to look down at my currently bare nails (another reminder how busy my days are!!) so I’d like to welcome in spring with a couple of these new L’Oreal polishes.  Specifically “tweet me” and “butterfly kisses.”

3.  Experiment more with my accessories like did with a single leather bracelet.  Although hers is Hermes, I might have to go more H&M, but either way, this is clever.

4.  Repeat – Experiment more with my hair and makeup! Geez Louise I’ve been sooo boring with my do lately it’s making me want to cry. One bobby pin holding back a string of bangs does not a hairstyle make!!  And not even taking time to apply eyeliner in the morning, shame on me.

5. Incorporate more orange into my home like designer Tory Burch uses in her personal home and business (it’s known she is a huge fan of this shade).  I used to loathe this color, but now my tastes have changed and I find it to be a very happy color!!  Who doesn’t want a lot of “happy” in the home?!

How are you going to kick off the month of March with your own personal style??

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