Is Garnier’s B.B. Cream Really A “Miracle” Skin Perfector?

I am a sucker for the well worded descriptions on the packing of a beauty product. And if one of those descriptions has the word “miracle” in it, well I’m sold.  Who isn’t looking for a miracle when it comes to perfecting their skin??

{Garnier’s “Miracle” B.B. Cream in light/medium, $10)
Since I talked about my first BB cream experience here with a sample of Smashbox’s version, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a multi-use skin perfecting face product.  So when I came across this much cheaper version on a Target run (this one is 10 bucks, the Smashbox is $39) and it claimed to be a miracle worker, I snagged it.
Here’s my take on this skin perfector that claims to instantly:
  • renew (exactly what does that mean though?? I can’t say I felt “renewed,” no)
  • brighten (an ever so slight glow, slight)
  • evens (it did make my skin more even than a bare face but not as even as the Smashbox did)
  • hydrates (yes, but not enough for my super dry skin, needed an extra moisturizer. But for the normal skin person, probably just enough hydration.)
Pictures are even better than words when it comes to makeup right??  Here are some before and afters for you to decide if it worked a miracle on me or not.
 {BEFORE. I do have on concealer under my eyes, FYI}

{AFTER.  Not a huge difference, more like a tinted moisturizer in terms of coverage.}
 {Extreme close up BEFORE.}

{Extreme close up AFTER.}
I do think this product will be good for me to use in a hurry when I just need to run out the door to go to take the kids to school, the grocery store, or maybe even the pool when that time comes (it does have SPF 15 with UVA/UVB).  The only true bummer is that it only comes in 2 color options – light/medium and medium/deep.  Really??  I seriously doubt that covers a range of skin tones.  I checked out the darker version, and it’s not that dark.  I might could get away with it after a good two months in the sun, and I’m no Jessica Alba, which is who it looks like it would work for!
{My AFTER AFTER with powder (to tone down shine) and blush applied.}
My overall take would be it’s decent for the price (a 7 out of 10 scale), but since I can’t help but compare it to the Smashbox BB Cream, I would say it’s not as effective.  And it is certainly no “miracle” worker for sure.  Still on the search for my miracle beauty product….
Are you jumping on the BB cream bandwagon??  Have you tried the Garnier version??