It Was Bound To Happen…

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  I’m actually surprised it took her 18 months to get her little paws into my beloved products…

{The evidence of little fingernails in my tarte jewelry box palette.}
My sweet Vivian has been watching me and soaking in my morning makeup routine – it’s what we do together while the boys are at school and I get ready for the day.  She plays with the makeup brushes, she watches the mascara being applied, and she probably knows my hair drying techniques.  It’s amazing the difference between my boys and her at this age and how she gets waaay more into mommy’s makeup routine than they ever did.  They just wanted to sweep the bathroom floors with my big Chanel makeup bronzer brush, whereas she has picked up exactly what those brushes are used for.  
The following pictures are of actual events, these were not staged…
 {Just applying a little translucent powder, that’s all.}

{Viv in action, putting on her “makeup” face!}
Backtracking to the day of the crime scene in my bathroom, this was the reaction I got from her when I politely asked her “not to PLAY” in mommy’s makeup and proceeded to take the box of broken shadows away from her.  Meltdown city for at least a solid 6 minutes.  It was so dramatic, I just had to take her picture! 
{Real crocodile tears.  I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at this reaction!}
{I wish you could see the plums and blue shadows embedded in her nails. 
Instead she’s showing me her heartbroken face!!}
In some small way, it warms my heart that my daughter has taken a liking to the art of makeup!!  Of course she has the plastic pretend lipstick and mirror set, but unfortunately, those just won’t do.  Why would you want plastic when you can have Bobbi Brown??  If you want to see my recommendations for age appropriate  makeup for young girls (not one year olds though- give me some credit!) you can check out this post here.
I get it Viv, guess I’ll be buying you the Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker sooner than I had thought…
Do you remember your very first makeup product??