Start The “Insanity”

Swimsuit season is rapidly approaching, and honestly, that scares me more than any horror film or haunted house.  We are officially headed on a beach trip in 9 weeks…”yay” and “yikes” at the same time!!  To say I haven’t done any true form of exercise in the past 6 months would be an understatement.  Besides lifting my 1.5 year old in and out of her crib/car seat or opening and closing the fridge 90 times a day to get myself or one of my 3 little people a snack, that’s about the bulk of true bending and lifting I do.  But I am aware, all of the makeup tricks in the world can’t camouflage zero flabby muscle tone, or distract from it while wearing a two piece!

{The original fitness fanatic, Susan Powter via her site}
Susan Powter would probably tell me to quit with the excuses and get to work.  If any of you are in your mid 30’s (ahem, such as myself) then you are probably familiar with the saying of “STOP THE INSANITY!” made famous by workout motivator, NY Times best selling author and mom of 3, Susan back in the 90’s.  What always caught my eye about this energetic lady (here’s a snip of an old motivational talk she did if you’re not familiar with her), was her look of buzzed bleached hair, bright lipstick, and perfectly arched brows.  It always leads back to makeup right??  Not to mention her tight bod she got after shedding over 130 pounds.  Well now in 2012, I apparently have a new exercise mentor to follow…
{Shaun T of “Insanity.” He doesn’t look serious about fitness does he?!}
So as I ponder how I’m going to get myself in shape by beach time, my husband informs me he has ordered “Insanity” that he wants me to join him in on in the next 60 days.  Wait, when it came to exercising, I always associated it with STOPping the Insanity, not STARTing it!!!!  Now I’ve started the P90X program twice, and didn’t complete it either time.  So I’m hoping since this program is only 60 days, and 40 minutes per video, that certainly I can stick to it!!  When something says “it’s the hardest program you will EVER put in your DVD player,” that is slightly intimidating.
Although I am not overweight by any means, it still doesn’t mean I am physically fit.  I need to increase my stamina and tighten EVERYTHING up…everything!  I’ve always longed to complete one of the workout programs to say I’ve done it, so hopefully I can follow through with this one.  Third time is the charm right???
Have you tried “Insanity”?  If so, what can I expect??  And please tell me there are some of you out there that remember who Susan Powter is….