Papillon Pretty

Papillon – pronounced or sounds like “pap-e-yon” 
A dog of toy breed with ears suggesting the form of a butterfly.

{Happy 10th Birthday to my first furry baby, Sophie.}
Even though I have 3 human children, this little tri colored four legged lady was my very first baby!  My hubby and I wanted a pet right after we got married, so since he was allergic to cats, he told me to research dog breeds and to pick any kind I wanted.  I picked the papillon because of their temperament (good with kids, thinking long term!), small size (because we were living in a condo at the time, but she’s on the larger end at 15lbs) and honestly, bc they were described as having butterfly-like ears!  How often does a dog breed get compared to a beautiful butterfly??  I was also sold on this feminine breed that history said stood by Marie Antoinette’s side and who when we don’t have her hair cut for warm weather, would look like this.  
So in honor of Miss Sophie Chardonnay’s 70th bday (in dog years, and yes, that’s her middle name), I donned some bright butterfly wing-like colors this weekend…
{Old watercolor scarf, Revlon super lustrous lip gloss “pink pop,” Real Colors Hydra Eyes waterproof gel eye liner in “vixen violet.”}
{Piling on the brightly colored bangles with my summer fave polish-  
Sephora by OPI in “high maintenance.”}
Another fact about our dog – I’m kinda bummed I named her Sophie, because now that I have a daughter, that would have been my first pick for her name!!  I don’t think Sophie Jr. would’ve worked for a baby girl huh??
Do you have a dog child?  If so, what breed is it and what name did you give he or she?