Spec-Tacular Makeup Tips For Eye Glass Wearers

I must admit, I don’t wear eye glasses.  I have extremely good vision.  But in a weird way, I’ve always wished I could get a case of near or far sightedness so that I could have a legit reason to wear sexy librarian glasses.  I think they are an awesome accessory that instantly makes one look savvy and smart – seriously.  But I know most spectacle wearers struggle with what to do with their makeup so that they don’t disappear under their glasses.  Here are my easy beauty tips for solving this problem.

 {Sporting my Velma glasses from Halloween.  Cheapies from Party City!}
#1.  Focus on the mouth.  I think no matter what shape, size, or color your eye glasses are, they’re going to cover your peepers and the glare is going to wash out your eye makeup at some point during the day.  So why not focus on making your lips pop instead and put the focus on them?? I am loving my newest orange shade by Wet n’ Wild Megalast lip color in”purty persimmon,” and the best thing about it, it was only $1.99!  Score!!  Take a chance with a bold rich shade like a red, fuchsia, or coral!  
#2.  Bold cheeks.  Another odd choice I bet you are thinking, but again, if you can’t see your eyes that much anyway, focus on what you can!  And having a bright and bold cheek color can do wonders for brightening up your whole face and complimenting your frames.  Since most glasses rest right on the cheeks, go for a cheek stain that has better staying power than powder formulas and layer it on! I have on 3 layers of tarte “tipsy” natural cheek stain, and it’s the perfect stay put compliment to my orange lips.

{Keep shadow simple.  Stila “kitten” is my perfect shimmery subtle choice.}
#3.  Fuller brows.  You all know how much I dig a nice full eye brow.  And in this case, they are still the frame work of the face, so you need to play them up.  With most eye glasses, they don’t cover up too much of the brow, so play that area up and fill them in with a pencil, powder, or brow wax.  Just make them bigger and better!!  Don’t forget about them, please!  
{L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in “black” on top lash line,
 NYX Jumbo eye pencil in “milk” on lower inner waterline.}

#4.  Eye liner is your friend.  I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that no matter what your eye color, skin tone, etc is, use a black liner to line JUST the top lash line.  Black will get that lash line noticed through the glass.  But keep it only on top so that you don’t recede the size of your eyes by applying too much.  Then use its opposite friend on the color wheel, white, and apply a white eye liner on the lower inner waterline to brighten up the whites of your eyes.

I know I probably shouldn’t wish this on myself since both of my parents wear glasses, so I’m sure it’s inevitable that I will end up needing them at some point in my life.  But I would sure make the best of it and rock some really cool – non costume Party City- spectacles!

Do you wear glasses?  If so, what are your makeup tips for letting your peepers shine through your shades??