The Easiest Way To Remove Your Makeup

The most important part of my makeup routine during the day would have to be removing my makeup.  I hear from lots of women that say they’re just too busy or too tired at the end of the day so they just forget or omit this step.  Big mistake, big, HUGE!!  Being a mom of 3, I know busy and tired all too well, and I still find a few minutes to clean my face at night.  So no excuses ladies.

Here is the best advice you’ll ever get on the easiest way to remove your makeup…Use presoaked makeup remover cloths!! You pull one out of the pack, wipe your face, splash some water to finish, and you’re done.  So easy my 4 year old could do this.

 {You really want to sleep with this sitting in your pores??  Ewwww.}

{My current faves – Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes ($8).}
There are plenty of different choices and price ranges of makeup remover cloths in your local drugstore, some even with exfoliating properties if you want to switch out every now and then.  And I honestly don’t think it matters which ones you choose as long as you USE them!!  I do like that my Neutrogena ones come in a collapsable hard container to keep the cloths from drying out too quickly, so this is another bonus to look for.  
*Here are some cleanser choices (including cloths) from if this post inspires you to look into a new cleaning routine!*
Even for you ladies that don’t wear much makeup during the day, you still need to be washing your face because there are all sorts of oils and dirt from the environment that are sitting in your pores throughout the day.  If you want some other great skin care tips, visit this post I did on my trip to the facialist!  So do your face a favor and clean it at night!!  
Let’s come clean ladies…do you remember to wash your face every night before hitting the sheets??