Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fake Youth With Freckles

So while I was at the beach I tried hard to catch up on a pile of magazines I hadn't had a chance to read during my busy home life.  While doing so, I came across a makeup trick about how applying fake freckles makes a person appear younger, if God hadn't already blessed them with spots.  I actually had NOT heard of this trick before.  WHAT??!! I thought I had tried it all!!  Go figure, I'm NOT a know it all in the world of makeup - ha ha!!  I wish I could remember the publication so I could give credit to it, but sadly after drinking pina coladas daily starting at 11am, it's all a slight blur.

 {My AFTER fake freckle application.}

So I decided to try this trick immediately after arriving home on my sun kissed skin (yes, I did wear SPF on my face, however after 4 days of beach time, I got a little glow!).  This trick is actually quite easy to do, and just requires an extremely light hand so as not to look too fake like you're dressing up for a Halloween bash.  I have very very faint freckles after being in the sun, but nothing extremely noticeable.

Here's how I got my SPOTS:

 {My BEFORE fake freckles.}

#1.  Apply a light sweep of bronzer along the bridge of you nose and across the top of your cheeks to give your skin a slightly darker base before applying your liner.

 {Sweeping the bronzer. Use a matte one for a more realistic looking base.}

#2.  I used an eyebrow pencil as a opposed to a regular eye liner.  I find brow pencils are a bit drier and don't apply as dark as an eyeliner.  My pencil of choice was by femme couture in color "blonde" ($6). The lighter the brown, the better for my medium toned skin.  Too dark will look costume-y.  This color is 2 shades lighter than the pencil I use on my actual eyebrows.

 {Keeping the freckles nice and tight just around the tops of the nose and right under the eyes.}

#3.  The pencil point was pretty sharp and I basically just dotted a few spots at first, looked in the mirror, notice any crazy noticeable gaps, then fill in with a couple more dots of various shapes. Some bigger, some smaller, makes it more realistic.

{Finished product.  Did I shave off 5 years or more??}

If you are already blessed with real freckles, then thank your lucky stars!! They are cute and you probably look a little younger than your actual age don't you??  Here a couple cutie pie celebs who have freckles as an example...

{Lucy Liu}

{Rashida Jones}

Do you have freckles? Do you embrace them?  If you don't, would you give this trick a try??


Misseblog said...

This is brilliant, have never thought of it. You're gorgeous either way :) xx

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@misseblog- thanks a bunch - you are so sweet to say so!! It is a cool trick though huh??

jeinay said...

Very interesting. I feel like it would change my whole look lol. Can't wait to try it!

Manus life and mind said...

I have some freckles only some and not to strong but I love them.
I would never cover them.
greetings Manu

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@jeinay- it is interesting right?? give it a whirl!
@Manuslifeandmind- def don't cover them, embrace them!!