Happy Father’s Day

“I have mixed emotions when I receive my Father’s Day gifts.  
I’m glad my children remember me; I’m disappointed that they actually think I dress like that.”  
Mike Dugan

With Father’s Day here, I feel the need to get a little bit sappy. My hubby is one of those guys that I still pinch myself that I landed.   Not only is he a great husband, but for the past 6 years, he has also been the most amazing, caring, and loving father to our 3 kiddos.  
I feel like my kids won the “daddy lottery”… For real. 

{My crew with their handsome daddy!}
Gift wise for this Father’s Day, I helped the kids with a little art project for their dad that I had seen floating around the internet.  Because after looking through a bunch of father’s day gift guides from my blog roll, I realized, most of these gifts for guys were created by girls.  Hmmmm.  Did Scott really want me to spend a bunch of money on fancy cuff links or a purple seersucker shirt for him?  Probably not.
  {The moustache mug}
So went for the DIY project for this holiday. Plain white mug, Sharpie, a stencil, and some paint is all you need! The kids also painted their names onto the back of the mug with the year, then we sprayed it with some clear setting spray.  Because isn’t all a dad really wants for their Father’s Day is something home made with love, right??  Although, maybe a new flat screen would’ve been nice too…

To all of the wonderful fathers out there, (including my own dad!), enjoy your special day and know you are a huge influence in your child’s life no matter how old they are!!
Happy Father’s Day.