Las Vegas Magic Market Week 2013

I’ve been gone from my blog for a while.  I’ve been spending some time with my former life as a wholesale clothing account rep.  I have reconvened out here in LV for the WWD Magic Trade Show where all of the big names in contemporary clothing meet to break and sell their latest collections for the upcoming seasons to retail stores.  “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” doesn’t really apply to this trip, as it’s all work and no play.   Well, maybe just a little roulette, but that’s it!

{My room with a view of the strip.}

I won’t bore you with all of the details as to how everything gets done, but I will say, it is a fun experience and one that I have been fortunate enough to take part in for many years after having my babies.

{My New Bangs came to Vegas too. Buxom lipgloss in “Berry Blast.”}

Just picture the biggest convention floor you can imagine, throw in some designers and lines like Betsy Johnson, Free People, and Miss Me Jeans (the one I’m working with) and you’ve got what I’ve been doing for the past week.  It’s cool to get back into the apparel world to see what’s trending clothing wise in the coming months by seeing the upcoming collections that will be in stores months down the road.

 {Can you see me? Just getting my walk on the red carpet}
So these are some of my pics I’ve taken so far.  My hubby was sweet enough to throw up this blog post for me while I’ve been out here without my computer.  Our roles are reversed as he’s the one holding down the fort at home with three little ones while Mommy gets to play in the land of fashion and fun!!

{My trade show fuel that is both “Smart” and “Not-so-Smart”}

{A pic of Moi in the Miss Me Jeans booth}
I will be back in action very soon after I get back home to Georgia, gotten over my jet lag, and get some snuggle time with my little people.  And hopefully a few dollars richer if I can get lucky at the tables…
Have you ever won BIG in Vegas??