February 15, 2013

What Makes You Feel Like You?

I am a loyal reader of Glamour Magazine and recently got around to reading their January Self Expression issue where they posed a question that I decided to ask myself..."What makes you feel like YOU?"  I'm sure my answer will not shock you...

 {2 of my 3 kiddos celebrating Valentine's Day at Walker's elementary school.}

My answer would be a combo of  : Having my FAMILY around + Having my MAKEUP on

After giving this question some thought, I knew it wasn't as simple of an answer as putting on my favorite pair of jeans.  Because those jeans wouldn't feel very good if I couldn't run around with my kids in them AND it wouldn't matter how good they fit if I had a bare colorless face!

All of these pics are from Valentine's Day yesterday, which ended up being a really great day filled with love from all of my family plus it was a really good makeup day:)  Even the lady at the McDonald's drive thru complimented me on my lip color!!  There's nothing like a random compliment to brighten a girls day.

 {My VDay look : Purple winged liner + hot pink glossy lips!}

Kat Von D Tattoo liner in "Lapdance"
MAC lipglass in "Full Speed Ahead"
Sonia Kashuk blush in "Flamingo"

 {Seriously, this is how Vivian checks herself out in the mirror. I can't handle the cuteness.}

{Viv admiring the flowers her daddy gave to me and her!}

So when it comes to my husband and my kids, it's them that make me feel like the me I want to be!  I found this inspiring love note off of ToriSpelling.com (which on a side note, is really great, I LOVE her even more now than I did during the 90210 days!) that sums up how my family makes me feel when I'm around them...

When I'm with them, they make me better and feel like me...plus a little lipgloss...

Now I throw the question back to you, "What makes you feel like YOU?"

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Rachel said...

You and Viv looked so lovely on v-day! Hmmm this is an interesting question! I would say I feel the most "me" when I'm around my daughter or when I'm creating something! Happy weekend!:)

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Love Viv's posing haha! So cute!
It is an interesting question for sure. I've noticed that ageing has made me feel more like me, can you believe it? At 46 I no longer have the same worries I did when I was younger and am more relaxed now about everything. :)

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Rachel - Creating something - awesome! I'd agree.
@Tracy - I totally agree, even at 35 I'm feeling more confident and relaxed about myself than ever.

Marisa said...

It's a great question! As much as I have put my foot down to keep my carefree dancing spirit independent, I find that I am truly the best me when I have my kids and my hubby close by. There's a great peace in family love...

As always you have such great posts! Love you blog!!!