What Makes You Feel Like You?

I am a loyal reader of Glamour Magazine and recently got around to reading their January Self Expression issue where they posed a question that I decided to ask myself…“What makes you feel like YOU?”  I’m sure my answer will not shock you…

 {2 of my 3 kiddos celebrating Valentine’s Day at Walker’s elementary school.}

My answer would be a combo of  : Having my FAMILY around + Having my MAKEUP on

After giving this question some thought, I knew it wasn’t as simple of an answer as putting on my favorite pair of jeans.  Because those jeans wouldn’t feel very good if I couldn’t run around with my kids in them AND it wouldn’t matter how good they fit if I had a bare colorless face!

All of these pics are from Valentine’s Day yesterday, which ended up being a really great day filled with love from all of my family plus it was a really good makeup day:)  Even the lady at the McDonald’s drive thru complimented me on my lip color!!  There’s nothing like a random compliment to brighten a girls day.

 {My VDay look : Purple winged liner + hot pink glossy lips!}
Kat Von D Tattoo liner in “Lapdance”
MAC lipglass in “Full Speed Ahead”
Sonia Kashuk blush in “Flamingo”

 {Seriously, this is how Vivian checks herself out in the mirror. I can’t handle the cuteness.}

{Viv admiring the flowers her daddy gave to me and her!}
So when it comes to my husband and my kids, it’s them that make me feel like the me I want to be!  I found this inspiring love note off of ToriSpelling.com (which on a side note, is really great, I LOVE her even more now than I did during the 90210 days!) that sums up how my family makes me feel when I’m around them…
When I’m with them, they make me better and feel like me…plus a little lipgloss…
Now I throw the question back to you, “What makes you feel like YOU?”

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