The Most Perfect Lip Gloss Ad

My poor baby girl has been sick with the nasty stomach bug for this entire weekend, sad face:(  So in between caring for her, disinfecting, and doing massive loads of laundry, I’ve been catching up on a few magazines while holding her in my lap.  I kept coming across these gorgeous print ads for Dior’s Addict lip glosses ($29.50) with model Daphne Groeneveld, and have decided I need a couple of these glosses in my life…

{Model Daphne could be the most perfect lip model. Image via}

{Showcasing a few of the 24 new shades.}
I confess, I’ve only owned 2 Dior lip glosses in my lifetime. **Gasp!! This is crazy to admit seeing as though I’ve probably owned more than 300 total lip glosses.  No I haven’t counted, just an educated guess.
The French brand’s Addict lip glosses are somewhat “Iconic,” which is why I vow to bump my # up one or two this spring because of how beautiful this current ad is.  Yes, I’ve fallen for yet another beauty advertisement.  But how could you not be inspired to buy these glosses when her makeup is so flipping perfect??  Granted, she is only 18, so she hasn’t a wrinkle in sight, but aside of being jealous of her youthful glow, I love love how fresh she looks!  With her peachy colored eye makeup (going to rock this shade very soon!), lots of mascara, and matching nail polish + lip gloss (yeh, did you catch that??), it all just comes together so beautifully.  Oh, and her bleached white blonde hair just caps it all off – so cool.  
Sure this lip product is pushing 30 bucks, but I’m sure it’s worth every shiny penny.  Check out this review of 4 of these glossy beauties from – I want to grab this “Diablotine” shade up ASAP!
If you follow me on Instagram (@JennySueMakeup), then you probably saw this pitiful little picture…
{Even though she wasn’t feeling like Wonder Woman, her mani was Wonder-fully cute!}
I knew my Viv was super sick when she preferred to wear her paci over putting on mom’s lipgloss – a daily occurrence!  Despite living her life on top of beach towels (just in case), she sure has been a fighter.  I’m hoping this new week will bring me a healthier little one so we can enjoy the upcoming warmer weather.  Maybe well enough to run to Sephora to buy some new Dior??  Here’s to wishful thinking!
Does this Dior ad make you want to buy a new lipgloss, or is it just me?

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