Sparkle And Shine From Head To Toe

It’s never a bad thing to add a bit of sparkle, shimmer, or shine to your look.  In small doses of course so you don’t end up like a human disco ball!  Just one piece of the shiny stuff added to your makeup, jewelry, or clothing can make you feel like the STAR that you are!


Metallics, sequins, shimmers, diamonds (or fake rhinestones!) or whatever floats your boat, add a little bling to your everyday outfit and you will feel fancy even if you’re headed to the grocery store!   Here’s why I’m loving these pieces…

1. Ear Cuffs.  All the rage in the accessory world (in addition to #11), and I’ve been looking for the perfect one.  This droplet one from Bauble Bar is insanely cool and adds an edge to the boring one hole earring!
2.  Glitter Mani.  Polish is probably one of the easiest ways to pull off shimmer and this extreme gold and silver one will get those nails noticed for sure.
3. Diamond Lips.  Buxom lip glosses do it for me every time and it comes in a silvery shimmer shade called “crushed diamonds.” Need it say more to get me to buy it??
4. Neck Bar.  Apparently metallic bar necklaces are THE accessory anyone can pull off. This C Wonder one is affordable and simple enough to go with any outfit.
5. Temporary Jewelry. I can’t go every other Instagram without seeing these metallic temporary tattoo jewelry all over the place.  You can wear them on your wrist, fingers, neck, and they add major decoration without the needle commitment. (You can also layer multiple bracelets minus the clanging noise!)
6. Shimmering Skin. Who doesn’t want glowing skin??  This Becca skin perfecting powder would do wonders applied to the tops of those cheekbones and give you that warm glow even when cold winter rolls around.
 7. Hologram Clutch.  I just ordered this for myself because I figured what cooler way to add some shine to an outfit than with a rock star ASOS clutch like this?! And it’s bigger than most, because I carry a lot of stuff with me!
8. Metallic Legs.  Shiny sequin leggings with a denim shirt or oversized sweater for fall?  Sign me up for that killer combo.
9. Metal Ankel Bracelet.  Nude heels go with every outfit imaginable, and this metal ankle bracelet adds some extra bad girl vibe. (and they’re currently on sale at Nordstrom!) 
10.  Sequin Cardi.  I saw an image on Pinterest here, of a girl wearing a sequin cardi/jacket with cut off denim shorts, and now I know this is one Rachel Zoe piece in my wardrobe I could wear now and into Fall! (it would be a splurge piece for sure though)
 11. Cool Eyelid Shimmer Shadows.  Bobbi Brown is showing you that this palette of sand and surf shimmer can add a cool summer vibe on your lids all year round!
I’m not one to hold on to a special sparkly piece because I don’t have a special occasion for it.  Life is short, wear your sparkly pieces today! Live and wear in the moment! 
How do you sparkle and shine?
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