#JSMMinute Ep. 010 | The Hottest Pink Lipstick Every Face Can Wear


THE hottest pink lipstick on earth.

That is a bold statement for a very bold lip color.  But Nars “Schiap,” $28 absolutely deserves the title.  I mean it was created back in 1998 and has never been discontinued, so that says a lot about its popularity and wearability.  So if you have ever been scared you cannot pull off such a brightly colored lip, have no fear.  I promise you, you CAN wear this one.

“Schiap” is an almost neon pink lipstick is a semi-matte formula – which translates into not too matte (drying) and not too creamy or shiny, it’s a great in-between.  I like to wear it as is, just a couple layers all over my lips, with no lipliner and the occasional swipe of Chapstick underneath when I want it to be bit more creamy.


Use as a cheek and lip stain.

“Schiap” also works as an awesome lip stain if you want to start off easy with this color – just swipe you middle finger over the product and press it into your lips for just a faint touch of hot pink.  It’s also quite a beautiful cheek stain as well. I mix a little bit of my face Argan oil with it and dab it onto my cheeks with my fingers.  It gives such a healthy pink glow when used in this combination!  This means you don’t have to wear much other color on your face when you do this – just mascara and go! (obviously works with a casual baseball cap and tank:))

Guess what?  Not only is there this hottest pink lipstick  available but they have also taken its popularity and created a nail polish $20, by the same name and shade!!  Makes sense and sounds like the perfect summer time nail shade!!

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(Here is a super brief history on why Francois Nars created this cult shade if you are interested.)