Skin Transforming Results With Korres Castanea Arcadia + Video

Active natural skincare, that is environmentally friendly, that produces maximum skin transforming results.

Sounds almost too good to be true right??  Not when it comes to the trusted Greek brand, Korres. (pronounced cour-ezz, by the way. I did not emphasize the “ezz” sound enough in my video – Ha!)

I was recently was given the chance to try out 3 of the latest anti-aging creams from the Castanea Arcadia collection now available on

Happy Friday everyone! I filmed this video the other day during the pouring down rain.  I did this because I had big plans to shake things up the day before by filming somewhere OTHER than my bathroom and office, which is where ALL of my other video happen.  My reasoning behind wanting to do it outside in mother nature is because the Korres brand is all about using the benefits of plants to create their products.

But I decided to wait to film until Thursday, and then it decided to rain cats an dogs so I had to find a semi-indoor spot with a little plant life.  This backdrop was a good compromise.


My late 30’s skin.

I am constantly working to keep my dry, late 30’s skin, looking luminous and fresh the older I get.  Of course wrinkle reduction is also welcome. What it all boils down to when I use a skincare line is that I want beautiful and firm skin texture as a result. Not asking for too much right??

* * * * *

My routine and impression of these Korres products :

First, I use the Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind Day Cream in the morning before my makeup is applied.  And of course, I apply it on clean skin.  It’s not greasy and sinks in quickly and smells amazing.  It does not contain sunscreen just FYI, so I apply a thin layer of that after it has dried completely.  Don’t forget your neck and chest when adding moisturizer + sunscreen! If you noticed in the beginning of my video (it is quick!) but in the morning when I applied this to my skin, it truly looks bright and refreshed.

I then apply the Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind Eye Cream all over my eyelids.  My trick for better eye cream is to store them in my refrigerator to give them extra cooling and soothing properties!  It’s handy dandy pump applicator makes it super easy to adjust how much you get out. It’s thinner in consistency than the day cream and has a super satiny feeling.

At night after I wash the day off of my face, I apply the Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind Night Cream also on my face, neck and chest.  The smell is similar to the other products but I can tell the cream is a tad bit heavier but not by much. It helps to optimize the skins natural production of collagen (which keeps away wrinkles) and contains Vitamin C, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, lupeol, antioxidants, jojoba, apricot and chamomile oil.

I will absolute continue to use all 3 of these products until the last drop.  I have been happy with the outcome of my skin, it’s texture, and I have had zero breakouts since using it!!  If you have any questions about any of these products or my skin routine, you can leave them in the comments below.

You can shop all 3 of these Castanea Arcadia products on

Brief background on the brand Korres if you are not familiar HERE.

(Thank you HSN for sponsoring this post! All photos and opinions are honest and my own as always!)