5 Women Share A Selfie Wearing Their Favorite Brown Lipstick Shades

brown lipstick for fall 2018

Wearing my new favorite brown based lip color for fall. Keep reading to see what it is!

I posted on my Instagram + Facebook awhile back sharing that I had FINALLY found a brown lipstick that didn’t make me look like a 90’s throwback.

For the longest time I have been against the shade because I felt like brown based colors made me look : washed out, old, and drab. But I should know better as a makeup lover, that I just hadn’t found the perfect shade of brown yet!

Speaking of the 90’s – Jennifer Aniston told Allure magazine that she remembers her very favorite brown lipstick she wore during filming of the hit show. It was MAC ‘s “Paramount” satin lipstick, $18.50, which is described as a reddish brown, and the crazy thing is it’s STILL available to this day!

Now let me answer the question you are probably wondering. And that is the name of the brown color I finally found that I actually liked that I shared on my social channels!! It is NYX soft matte cream in “Rome.” A brownish-nude with a hint of reddish-pink.  (How’s that for a colorful description??)

And so once I put it out into the universe that I was finally jumping on the brown train but wanted to know what other pretty shades of brown were out there, I got some great responses and recommendations!

So it gave me an idea.

I get real tired of looking at my own face on this blog all the time, so I was going to see if these women would “share a selfie” of themselves wearing their brown recommendations with me! And luckily all of them said YES!

I think that when it comes to finding the right beauty products for our individual needs, we need to see images of :

  • real women that aren’t necessarily “professional makeup artists” but still dig what makeup can do for the face,
  • who aren’t doing a bunch of unnecessary photoshopping on their pictures (which is so rampant these days),
  • and women who are not being paid to give their opinion on a particular product, brand, or service. #realness

So without further ado, here are 5 women showcasing their fave brown shades…

best brown lipstick ideas

Shannon is a fellow blogging mom from @MOMWITHOUTLABELS wearing “Cool Brown” by Anastasia Beverly Hills with “Candid” gloss by Smashbox on top. Y’all know I love a gal that layers her lip products!! Shannon always keeps it real over on her Insta, which I completely love. Her photo here was one she shared the day or so on her stories after I posted about wanting brown lipstick recs. (I’d say seeing her “selfie” and being tagged in this was one of the reasons I got this idea to highlight other women in makeup trends I was talking about. So thanks Shannon!!)

Stephanie is a local Athens friend that loves loves makeup just as much as I do from @STEPHLYNNETTE74 and is wearing Urban Decay “Amulet” Vice Metallized lipstick.  It is described as a metallic rose brick brown and I’m seriously thinking this one needs to come get in my makeup bag.

brown lipstick for dark skin

This is Aliya from @ALIYAPATRICE  who is also a local Atlanta Georgia blogger and fellow mama. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her in person (yet!) but I sure do enjoy this glamorous gal over Insta (she’s always got the kindest comments to share with me too!) Her pick was MAC’s “Sin” matte lipstick which goes deep dark reddish brown.

Mindi told me that she would take a picture after she left her work vehicle, from driving an ambulance as an AEMT!! I love this because we all know car lighting is the best lighting:)  @MINDINICOLE is wearing Urban Decay matte lipstick in shade “1993.” (fitting it was a 90’s name!!)  This one is described online as a medium brown shade.  I’m seeing a trend with some ladies loving Urban Decay colors!!

This is Mandi from @MAKEOVERBYMANDI wearing Limelife by Alcone Enduring lipstick in “Peanut Butter Cup” and doesn’t that just seem to fit the shade perfectly?? It has a yummy warm orange brown undertone. Mandi is located over in Louisiana and does makeup AND is a hairstylist! If she lived closer, I’m sure we’d be besties 😉

Thank you Mandi, Aliya, Stephanie, Mindi, and Shannon for sharing your selfies and brown lip loves!  I’d love to know what your go-to brown lipstick shades are or do you even like wearing this category of color?

Jennifer Aniston article from Allure magazine found here if you’re interested.

Also thinking I want to make this a reoccurring post idea using real women/friends/readers? What do you think? Please respond below and let me know if you like the Share A Selfie idea!