November 24, 2014

American Music Awards Most Noticeable Beauty Trend

One of the very prominent beauty trends from last night's AMA's that was immediately obvious, was how many slicked back do's there were! I admit, I didn't catch most of the performances or red carpet because I was watching the original Wizard of Oz with my kids.  Come on, it's a classic! However, I still had my Twitter up and was seeing all of the updates and photos from the show.  Check out some of the best in hair...
Jennifer Lopez via
Kate Beckinsale via
Kendell Jenner via
Julianne Hough via
Christina Milian via

Was everyone's hair stylists on the same wavelength last night?? I think all of these ladies actually pulled off the wet look quite nicely, and most of them wore high necklines (excluding Kate) which helped to put all of the focus on their face.  Isn't that the idea when wearing one's hair all back?  I tried the slick look once in this post here because I wanted to show off my bright pink lip but this hair do doesn't happen often for me.   

Did you watch the AMA's last night? What or whose look was your favorite? My personal award goes to Miss Ferg-alicious...

November 21, 2014

November Favorites

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile, so I figured it was time to share with you some of my recent favorite clothing and makeup looks.  New pieces and products along with oldies but goodies - all things I'm loving this November...

Shop My Look : 

Shop My Makeup :


I am SO happy to have cooler weather here so I can finally bust out my fuzzy sweaters!! This one I'm wearing is from Forever21 (no, the store is not just for 21 year olds!!) is THE softest thing ever - and I am in love with the light winter blue shade because most of my sweaters are dark colored.  Pale powder blue feels very winter like no?!  While at Forever21 I also bought these lace up combat boots because it's something I've been wanting to add to my wardrobe for awhile to give me a slight "tough girl" vibe I've been it working??! Hahahaha!!  And this Kendra Scott bangle has been in FULL rotation on my wrist ever since I bought it a month ago.  It goes with everything and I get tons of compliments on it bc it sparkles so!  

For makeup, remember I chatted about this platinum colored CoverGirl cream shadow here (also today is the last day to enter my CoverGirl & Walmart giveaway, so click the link and enter your #GirlsCan moment for a chance to win!), my L'Oreal blur foundation here, and my lips will always love the easy to wear Viva Glam VI lip glass from MAC (3rd tube bought!).  

With the upcoming Black Friday deals on the horizon, I will certainly be visiting some of my favorite stores ONLINE :  Nordstrom (seriously the best gift buying suggestion page ever), Target (free shipping on everything no minimum purchases!), Ulta, Sephora, and Piperlime

I will NOT be going into any stores, comfort of my couch and my computer, thank you!!  All while wearing my fuzzy comfy sweaters....

November 19, 2014

Best Day Ever :: Heat Lounge + Spanx

Last week I had one of those days that all moms could use once in awhile. A day of pampering!!  I received a fab blow out at Heat Lounge then got to have a fancy dinner at St. Cecilia hosted by Spanx where we got to see their newest collection of fashion pieces. Good hair and a shapely behind make for a great day right?! Oh, and don't forget the champagne and dessert...

^^Big thanks to sweet Laura at Heat Lounge for giving me good hair (and makeup recs too!)^^

I want to say a special thank you to Isaac, the founder of Heat Lounge, for giving this mama her FIRST blowout experience - you heard me right, first ever!! Yes I get a blow out after I get my hair cut, but this was my first blow dry bar.  The staff could not have been nicer and accommodating (hello large glasses of bubbly!) and Laura my stylist, listened closely to what I wanted my hair to look like.  Their Moroccanoil products she used on me, gave my hair the yummiest scent ever!! Great experience all around.  Whenever I travel back into Atlanta, I'm definitely stopping by again.

^^ Our beautiful table at St. Cecilia. ^^

^^Fellow blogging buds : Molly from HeyThereSunshine, me, and Mae from Maeamor^^

^^ Fun with fake Instagram - Me with two other Athens bloggers Molly and Elizabeth! ^^

^^ Had to show this yummy goodness dessert that ended the evening. ^^

After my hair I headed off to a dinner hosted by the shape wear gurus at Spanx.  Let me start by saying my dinners usually consist of frozen Tyson chicken nuggets and carrots with ranch, so going to one of the hottest restaurants in Atlanta, St. Cecilia, was a HUGE treat! This was a chance for me to mingle with some other bloggers from the Southern Blog Society and find out what Spanx has in store for all of our butts this holiday season.

^^ A looksy at the inside of their new wax coated pant and the shaping technology! ^^

^^ My Spanx goodies ^^

Spanx is not JUST about the hosiery and undergarments anymore....they've got leggings, pants, and denim, oh my!! *Fun Fact * My 2nd job out of college was for a showroom, Michael & Paula Hyman, who were the first southeast reps for Spanx around 13 years ago.  All they carried were footless tights (hello Oprah!), regular tights, and the power pantie.  If you've never experienced the power of the power pantie, you need to get a pair, they're a miracle worker.  

Now, this company has exploded!! with all sorts of products and are revolutionizing how we women can take back the shape we want with their outer wear products. Yes they come with a slightly high price tag, but I guarantee, once you slide their garments on, you'll gladly pay it. After three children, my tummy and rear end aren't as tight as I'd love them to be, but once I've got on my Spanx, I feel like I've only had one kid, hahaha!  It just makes sense that creator Sara Blakely would come up with apparel you can see on the outside, and I'm sure glad she did.  To see more of what she has to offer, check out  Thank you Lindsay and Caroline from Spanx for being such gracious and lovely hostesses.

Who is with me on loving a girly day full of blow outs, champagne, and shapely butts?!

November 17, 2014

Pictures In Fall :: A Short Video

We try to schedule a family photo session once a year around the holidays to capture at least ONE good shot of all of us that we can put on a Christmas card.  Here is a sweet short video my hubby Scott created of us on location at the beautiful Cloverleaf Farms where we had our shoot this past weekend...

photographer : Abbey Lindsey of
short film :
music : an original piano piece by my mother in law, Jeanie, that she created just for me years ago, called "Jennifer's Song."

For some reason these sessions bring me a bit of anxiety.  In addition to second guessing everyone's outfits (except Taco's - his doggie sweater was actually the first one I bought!), I worry about everyone acting right and not making goofy faces the whole time (please no temper tantrums or refusals to listen to the photographer).  One of my absolute favorite things about the holidays is receiving Christmas cards in the mail that have pictures of my friends with their families on them.  That's also why I love sending out my own photo cards to show those friends how my kids have grown...and hopefully that Scott and I have aged well...Ha!!!  Luckily about 5 minutes into our photo session, I realized that I could relax and that sometimes the goofy smiles are the ones that reflect real life... and isn't that what family photographs are all about??  This video shows how wonderful the kids were and how blessed I am to have this amazing family.

Do you send out holiday cards with family photographs on them?

November 14, 2014

#GirlsCan Campaign With CoverGirl + Giveaway

*This giveaway is now closed.  And the winner is...Christina Kandy!! Please email Jennifer at with your ship to information. Thanks so much to everyone that entered! I loved hearing your CAN moments!*

I am all about supporting anything that has to do with encouraging girls and women in their efforts to be anything and everything they want to be.  Being a mom to a young daughter, and a makeup artist who mainly deals with women in my everyday job, I have a vested interest in the female spirit.  That's why I am in LOVE with the current #GirlsCan campaign CoverGirl is running now that supports the idea of empowering women and encouraging them to break down barriers and turning "can't" into "can!"  

They are also supporting the amazing cause, Dress For Success, which helps disadvantaged women find jobs by also providing them with the appropriate work attire and tools they need to get the jobs they want.  That's turning a "can't" into a "can" at its best in my opinion!  Here is a wonderful inspiring video of some famous faces you will recognize challenging the notion that girls "can't."

When I was approached by CoverGirl to talk about this campaign, they wanted me to share my CAN moment with my readers, as well as showcase my own personal look using CoverGirl products and one of their newest mascaras, the "Professional" formula, and at the end of this post, I've got a GIVEAWAY with CG and Walmart so make sure to scroll down!

                                  ^^ CoverGirl products I used to create my inspirational look! ^^ 

I chose to create this colorful purple and smokey grey look because I like to play up my eyes.  They are the windows to the soul right?!  I am not afraid of color and love embracing the fact that we women have the ability to play with makeup and enhance our facial features in a way that inspires confidence that comes with feeling good about ourselves.  Makeup is an inexpensive way to get that feeling - especially with these affordable and high quality CoverGirl products! 

My "can" moment would have to be when my husband encouraged me to start my own freelance makeup business after I was pregnant with my second child.  I thought he was crazy.  How could I add a second child into this world, AND create a business from scratch, PLUS start a blog?? Who has time for that?? But I did it with his support and that of my family members, and never looked back.  Having my own business has allowed me to express my creative side while earning money to support our family, while also giving me the flexibility to be able to be that involved mom I had always envisioned.  
^^ Heading out for a makeup job pregnant with my daughter back in 2010! ^^ 

Owning your own business and parenting three children is not always seamless (actually pretty chaotic most of the time!) but it's my chaos that I created and I am so proud of it.  I hope my daughter grows up seeing that #GirlsCan do anything they set their mind and efforts to, no matter what it is.  If you're passionate about something, don't let anything get in your way!!

Now is the fun part where I am giving one of my JennySue Makeup readers a chance to win a 
$25 gift card to Walmart! 
All you have to do for a chance to win, is leave me a comment below about your own personal "CAN" moment.  I can't wait to hear your inspiring stories!  A winner will be chosen at random on Friday, November 21, 2014.  Open to U.S. residents only. (I'm sorry my beautiful overseas friends!).  Good luck to all of you awesome ladies!! 

*The Walmart gift cards, product, and information have been graciously provided by COVERGIRL.*

November 12, 2014

Product Review :: Pür minerals Liquid Veil 4 In 1 Spray Foundation

Airbrushed foundation skin is always something I strive for...without the bulky airbrush machine and without multiple steps (even though I'm one of those willing to take multiple steps if I need to!).  I was excited to receive this Liquid Veil 4 In 1 Spray Foundation, $39, from the Pür minerals brand.   
If you aren't familiar with this brand (I had experience with only their pressed mineral powder before this!) they aim to offer "pretty, smart, beauty."  Their words exactly.  I like that.  Here's how it looks and performed...
                      ^^ Top with only eye makeup.  Bottom photo with foundation applied - no concealer. ^^

^^ My half + half face. << This side has foundation.  >> This side has none. ^^

                                       ^^ With blush, concealer, and lips applied after foundation. ^^


1. Liquid Veil comes in 4 shades - light, medium, tan, dark.  I chose medium.  I probably should have chosen the light in hindsight for the upcoming winter months, but it does give me a good boost in color right now as long as I blend like crazy down my neck.  I'm pulling it off now, but in the next month, unless I start to self tan, it will be too dark.
2.  How I use.  I have tried it two ways.  I spray it onto the top of my hand then dip my stippling brush in it (photo above, and my actual favorite brush here) and swipe over my face, or, I spray it directly onto the bristles of my brush then apply.  Either way works well for me and I do a crosshatch pattern for my strokes.
3.  First impression.  I thought it looked kind of heavy and makeup-y.  But then, after I did the rest of my makeup, and it had sunk in, my skin looked much more natural and flawless!!  I probably wouldn't have needed concealer, but y'all know me, I ALWAYS wear concealer, it's a mental thing.
4.  Roundup.  It's got "liquid crystals" in it, which is fancy way of describing that it has age defying Ceretin Complex and mega nourishing skin care ingredients for great hydration. This is perfect for me because of my dry skin.  This is definitely a full coverage foundation so if you're wanting see through skin, this isn't for you.  But I do love that I didn't need a skin primer to get that full looking coverage. On a scale of 1-10, I would give this an 8.  Only due to the fact that it seemed to fade throughout the day, like most mineral makeup does in my personal opinion.

Are you into airbrushed looking skin or are you a more natural-look gal?  Have you tried this Pür product yet?

*This product was sent to me for consideration only, and all photos and opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

November 10, 2014

Winter Trend :: Dramatically Dark Nails

^^ I'm wearing Essie "Velvet Voyeur" $8.50 ^^   

I believe in manicures.  I believe in overdressing.  I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.  I believe in pink.  I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.  I believe that tomorrow is another day...and I believe in miracle." Actress, Audrey Hepburn

I never ever ever ever ever, have bare nails. Ever.  It's one of those beauty treatments that feels so so girly!  (Thanks for confirming that Audrey!)  I am super excited to start transitioning my nail collection into the deep dark shades that embody winter.  Think burgundies, cranberries, navy, eggplants, and oxbloods.  It feels mysterious, seductive, and bold.  And if dramatic dark lips are eyes for winter aren't your thing, then wearing these colors on your nails is the easiest way to embrace the shades of the season. 
^^ I'm wearing OPI "Vant To Bite My Neck, $9.50." ^^
(My geometric midi rings are by Lauren Conrad for Kohls, set of 3 on sale now for $9.10!)

Yes the downfall of dark nails is that chipping shows up quicker, your nail beds get stained, and it seems to take forever to let them dry.  But I have found TWO really products that help combat all of these issues!  

What is your go-to dark vampy nail color?