February 1, 2015

Brunch Outfit Essentials

Last weekend I went on a brunch date with a few other bloggers, Molly, Beth, Elizabeth, and Meredith. And as I was trying to pick out what I was going to wear for an 11am meet up, I decided to go for the easy and effortless denim on denim look with with a splash of accessories.

Light Chambray Top : Target, old (similar style here)  | Dark bootcut denim :  J.Crew, old (similar style here) | Floppy Hat :  Nordstrom  |  Chevron Ring : Stella & Dot  |  Feather necklace : Anarchy Street  | Lips : NYX Retractable liner in "Nude Pink" + Buxom Lip Polish in "Dolly" | Eyes : Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Shadow Stick "Bad Girl Bronze" | Leopard booties, old (similar style here

Before I sported my fave new floppy hat, I reached out over my Instagram account (are you following me yet @JennySueMakeup) to ask my style maven friends what hat etiquette was indoors!! I got a resounding YES you can wear your decorative hat inside! Yay!! Oh, and this Dolly lip polish by Buxom, is a MUST HAVE for anyone!!  It is the brands #1 selling shade - so that tells you something.  Oh, and we waited out until it was after 12pm so we could enjoy mimosas!! What's a blogger brunch without champagne?? 
What are your brunch outfit essentials?  Happy Sunday to all!
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January 28, 2015

Learning About The Bobbi Brown Philosophy of Makeup + Video

Do you get intimidated when you go to a department store makeup counter?  Well you shouldn't if you're heading to meet with the artists from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics!!  I recently had the pleasure of attending a media day at the grand opening of the Bobbi Brown counter at Macy's in Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, GA.   I got schooled on all of the latest and greatest products Bobbi has to offer, received a makeover from the talented (and super nice!!) Educational Artistry Executive, John Hernandez, and bought some new products!
Here is a short video of my time interviewing John and finding out more about the Bobbi brand, his top 2 fave products, and even his favorite city he has traveled to!  Following this video check out my  after pictures and product details of my finished look at the bottom of this post.

My Finished Look : A Subtle Smokey Eye, Dewy Skin, and Nude Lip

My Fave Products Used During My Makeover :

(1) Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in "Pale Pink", $27 // (It's actually fairly bright pink in the pot and goes on to look like a true rosy complexion!)
(2) Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, $63 // (This is a part of their illuminating nudes campaign where it's all about your skin glowing! This stuff is the jam and you can wear it under and over your makeup to instantly enhance your skin's natural luminosity! It's pricey, but I'm glad I bought it.)
(3) Skin Foundation Stick in "Cool Sand," $44  // (Portable - so I can take this in my purse and not worry about my liquid foundation spilling everywhere. super blendable and love the finish when worn with the illuminating balm. looks like real skin and is a light to medium coverage.)
(4) Long Wear Eye Pencil in "Jet" $25 // (I actually was given a sample of this but it was used on my eyes. Loved the inky black shade.)

I'm sure if you follow my blog regularly you know that I'm usually a bit more "done up" than this.  Granted my after pictures I took were about 4 hours after my makeover was done and I drove back to Athens so it had faded a little.  The look that was created on me was definitely signature "Bobbi Brown" where they want the woman to show through, not the makeup.  I can appreciate that.  I would probably make my eyebrows more structured and fuller (y'a'll know I can't help myself) and would have gone heavier on the blush.  But what I do love about what happened during this makeover, was how good my freakin' skin looks!! I mean you can see it glowing right?!!  Of course he put on 5 skin care products before he even began color so I think there IS something to his mentality about prepping the skin and hydrating it before any makeup is ever applied. I'm sure a lot women out there wake up, don't even touch a moisturizer and start slapping on the foundation?  Am I right?!!  Most of my lip color they put on me had worn off (granted I had eaten a greasy panini sandwich on the ride home!) so I applied her high shimmer gloss in "Bare Sparkle" in these photos that I already owned. 

I think Bobbi would be proud of this group of artists I worked with as they are a direct reflection of her brand - so if nice, patient, helpful, and kind is what she's after, she got it.  No inflated egos at this counter and believe me, I've seen them from other brands...I used to work the cosmetics floor many years ago!!  Her about me says, that "beauty isn't about looking perfect it's about celebrating your individuality." She also thinks that if a woman is given the right tools and makeup to feel pretty and confident, she is powerful.  I think she hit the nail on the head with these thoughts on makeup and I'm totally down with it.

If you are interested in the two skincare items John spoke about in the video that he was most proud of from the line, here are shoppable links to them :  Extra Face Oil ($63) and the Intensive Skin Supplement ($72).

Do you own any Bobbi Brown products?  What are your faves?

January 26, 2015

Achieve Spa-Like Skin At Home With RevelationsRX

Facials and spa treatments are few and far between in my mommy of 3 world. It's a huge luxury that very rarely happens.  It's a time and money thing.  But despite these obstacles, I still of course am all about taking care of my skin and wanting it to appear as if I've gotten the most expensive facial EVER.  Thanks to the RevelationsRX skin masks, eye masks, and targeted eye roller serums, I am able to get those spa-like results in the comfort of my own home!

 I received two different systems from the line - one was the Firming & Anti-Aging kit (face masks) and the other targeted Crow's Feet & Fine Lines (eye masks). Both issues near and dear to my almost 37 year old heart.  These systems were created through wound healing science, so basically they're made to slow down whatever skin problems are ailing you!

Each one of these RevelationsRX skincare systems  included 4 individually packed masks and a serum infused roller treatment.  I'm going to go ahead and call the roller balls a life saver, because they are the coolest (literally cold) and most soothing treatment that I now keep on my bedside table and apply at nighttime and first thing when I wake up.  Do you experience those puffy eyes that scare you to death as you glimpse at your early morning self in the mirror? I know I do a double take every morning I catch a glimpse of my bare makeup self and think, "ouch, those are some scary under eye bags!!"  Now these RevelationsRX roller balls help to minimize that puffiness immediately after my foot hits the ground and I have rolled it around a million times over my eye beds.

Here is a glimpse at how each mask looks once applied and then my "AFTER" skin photos (Disclaimer - some photos may be frightening for young children as I'm sharing my makeup free face - HA!).You aren't going to believe how glow-y my skin looks after using these skincare treatments .  I switched off applying the eye masks one night, then the face masks the next. This is after using each type of masks over the course of four days.

I wasn't sure if the end results would be obvious in these photos, but I think they sure are.  Sadly you can't feel how baby soft and hydrated my skin feels through this blog post though!!

I have used many skin masks in my lifetime - I love them.  They give me a chance to sit down and relax for 45 minutes on the couch while they soak in and work their magic!  
Here is what makes these RevelationsRX skincare systems so unique :

* Patented cell penetrating technology that gets way deeper into the lower layers of the skin to actually target concerns and rejuvenate skin.
* The biocellulose masks are derived from coconut fibers, and we all know how naturally magical coconut is!
* A whole bottle of serum is delivered in one mask in the 45 minutes you wear it.
* The serum infused roller balls are even portable - pop it in your purse! They are so calming and cooling and there is no mess. You can use them everyday!
* The masks increase your levels of collagen and elastin which help with firming and toning your skin - in turn making it appear more youthful and fewer fine lines.
*  Powerful skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A, C, & E help pack a mighty anti-aging punch.
* For a pack of 4 masks + the roller infused serum is $75. Which divided by 4 it's around $18 bucks a mini facial - pretty much a steal if you think about what it costs to go get a targeted skin treatment at a spa!

Jump on over and visit the RevelationsRX.com site to receive an exclusive discount!! Get $15 off all items on your first purchase plus a FREE sample of a complementary mask. *Free Shipping is included!!* Enter this code : LQ02 at checkout to receive this limited time discount!!

Also see what other innovative skin care products they have that would meet your needs.  So what are your biggest concerns?  Mine are definitely anti-aging and firming, all day long!

Many thanks to RevelationsRX for sponsoring today's story and for helping this mama's skin look and feel better right at home.

January 21, 2015

Every Bride Deserves To Have Magazine Worthy Makeup

The reason I do what I do as a makeup artist is because of two simple things : (1) I truly enjoy painting faces and creating different looks on unique canvases and then (2) Seeing the big smiles that develop on that face once I'm done.

And when I work with brides, on one of the happiest days of their lives, I want them to feel like they are a movie star walking the red carpet.  Because walking down the aisle is the coolest red carpet and they deserve to feel like a celebrity!  I recently received the sweetest hand written note on a personalized thank you card that had the bride and groom's pic on it from their wedding that I worked with (cute idea right??).  Leah and Roger's wedding was also featured in the latest Southern Bride Magazine which had to be SO exciting for them!  I was equally excited to see a few of the faces I had the pleasure of working with in that bridal party on those pages as well!

^^ Leah's TRIAL RUN we did a couple of months before her big day.  Trial runs are highly suggested to make sure you and your makeup artist are on the same page before wedding day. The last thing you need to be surprised about is what your face is going to look like!!  You can see how the classic look Leah was wanting translated to the day of and went perfectly with the rest of her bridal look. ^^

{ Photography by TwoHalvesTwoHold.com } 
{ Hair by my favorite local Athens salon, Republic Salon.}

Leah was such a delight to work with and it is moments like this handwritten thank you note that make what I do so worthwhile and remind me that my job IS significant on wedding day.  I remind brides all the time, that the main focus is not on your flowers or your shoes (half the time can anyone even see your shoes under your dress??) but all of the focus is on your smiling face. Think about the moment you walk up to your groom for the first time, his eyes are locked in on your eyes and that pretty face of yours.  I guarantee he couldn't tell you what your shoes looked like or what the table arrangements were.  Your makeup is also a lasting image in pictures for years down the road, and you want it done right.  I still shudder at the brown based lipstick I wore in my wedding photos almost 14 years ago and would never put a bride in that shade!! Hahah!! We learn from our mistakes though right:) 

I have to share this quote by a blogger/stylist friend of mine, Lauren of EditbyLauren.com (remember her great how to layer post here) said about what we do in the world of fashion, makeup, and hair, that some might deem "shallow"...

"It's moments like this that remind me that we all have a ministry and purpose in our jobs, no matter what they are. In the world of fashion that is often deemed "shallow," this is the kind of thing that makes everything I do worth it.  There is no career field or job or role that is insignificant...God can use us wherever we are. I hope you will be encouraged, like me, to embrace your passion because you never know how it will impact another's life."

Thanks again to my bride Leah, her sister/matron of honor Lindsay, and Southern Bride Magazine for allowing me to share these gorgeous photos from her magical magazine worthy day!! 

Here are a couple of posts I have done on bridal makeup if you are interested :

If you are interested in booking me for your special day, please email Jennifer at jennysuemakeup@gmail.com for inquiries on dates and pricing. 

Did you hire a makeup artist for your wedding day or were you a do it yourself gal?

January 19, 2015

Giveaway + Discover More In Store With Publix & Unilever Products

With a family of five, I am in the grocery store at least twice a week, sometimes more.  And with the big game coming up, and three men in the house, there's a lot of football and food being consumed! But as much as I like food, and kinda like football, y'all know I like my beauty and skincare products even more!!  So it's such a convenience factor to be able to stock up on my haircare items, deodorants, soaps and skincare while I'm also doing my grocery shopping at Publix.  I'm a mom - you know we get into stores we can multitask in.

Just check out my video above JaWaViFilms.com created of my usual instore trip with 3 little people hanging onto my cart!! Today I am happy to be teaming up with Lunchbox Media to give one lucky reader a $250 Publix gift card to buy whatever you want to fill your grocery cart with.  I've made it super easy to enter to win below...

One winner will be chosen at random and this giveaway ends a week from today and is open to U.S. residents only.  Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery of gift card. Best of luck to everyone!!

Also consider visiting the "Discover More In Store" Facebook page for more great savings on your favorite Unilever products, promotions, learn helpful how to's and tips.

*This was post was sponsored by Lunchbox Media.  All views are my own.*

January 15, 2015

You Can Never Have Too Many NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

It's no secret that I probably own more lip products than Ulta or Sephora carries in store.  I am attracted to lipsticks and glosses like a moth to a flame - I literally can't stop buying them. So I am also Instagram obsessed (are you following me yet @JennySueMakeup??) and one of my favorite makeup manufacturers to follow is @NYXCosmetics.

The reason I love following the NYX account is because they are really good about featuring their fans wearing the NYX products in their selfies - and who doesn't love seeing a product on a real person and NOT an ad??  Me me me me me!!  So after #Instastalking (I'm sure that's a thing) their account and seeing so many beauties wearing their Soft Matte Lip Creams at $6, and loving every single one, I had to go buy one for myself to experience.

Here is how the brand describes this product and whether or not I agree with each point...

  • Straddles the line between lipstick and gloss.  Ummm, I would not categorize this as a gloss except for maybe bc it applies kind of like one due to the stick applicator.  But the finish is definitely NOT glossy.  But doesn't matter, it's an awesome lipstick.
  • Creamy lustrous formula applies like silk.  Yes, totally agree. Feels ah-mazing on.
  • Soft matte finish exudes a sensual glow.  Almost - it's a super soft matte finish, however not TOO matte and dry like some formulas, which makes it perfect.  Do my lips glow, not really, but they sure look nice and the pigment is rich!
  •  Unique innovative textures adds the perfect polish to any look.  Yes, totally agree here too. I would wear this product for a fancy night out or a casual day running errands - it can go either way depending on the shade you choose and makeup look you pair with it! 
The color I chose, San Paolo, is described as a red on some sites, which I totally disagree with.  It's more of a creamy rosy-raspberry!  But I LOVE it!! This is a product I don't think I'll ever tire of and the other shades I will go back and buy are Istanbul (light pink), Copenhagen (dark wine), and Addis Ababa (think MAC Candy Yum Yum - neon fuchsia).  Now, with all of these glowing remarks, no, it isn't a long wear product, I felt the need to reapply about every hour.  But who cares, it's gorgeous.  So two thumbs way up to NYX for creating this lovely sophisticated lip formula for such an amazing price.  AND if you love my eyes, it's all thanks to another stellar NYX product - this tropical waterproof eyeliner pencil here.

Do you own a NYX soft matte lip cream or do you want to buy one now??

January 13, 2015

What The Golden Globes Taught Us : Everyone Can Wear Red Lipstick

As a makeup artist, I do have certain beauty rules that I abide by, but honestly not many.  I believe women can work whatever look they want to, if executed correctly, and worn with confidence.  One makeup complaint I hear way too many friends and clients say is, " I can't pull off RED LIPSTICK."  I'm here to tell you, yes, yes you can and I've got suggestions.  Just look how many different types, ages, and skin tones of women rocked red lips on the Golden Globes red carpet Sunday night...

Take Coco Chanel's advice..."The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you."  And when it comes to RED, this is the same case - you have to just play around and find the best color of red that works for you and your comfort level.  Sure there are guidelines that says things like: "Blue based pinky reds are best for FAIR skin types," or "ASIAN and other more yellow based skin tones should go for an orange base," and lastly "DARK skin looks better in deep berry based reds."  The only hard and fast guideline when I am suggesting red to someone - hair color is IRRELEVENT - only skin tone matters.  So while some of the above guidelines might be true, despite my skin turning pretty fair in the winter time, I still love rocking a bright orangey-red just for fun, such as MAC "Lady Danger" swatches below.     Now you are probably wondering, "Well, so what brand or shade would you suggest were I wanting to try out a red for myself?"  In my opinion, MAC Cosmetics makes some of the best reds on the market (they're not super pricey either, at $16 a tube here).  I own the 6 Editorial Reds palette from the MAC Pro Artistry collection (which I'm a member of bc I'm a professional makeup artist), which is some of their very best reds all in one handy palette (but you can buy them all separately of course).  So I'm going to share with you my suggestions from the swatches I'm showing below.  Remember, you need to play around with a few to find your perfect match though...
Fair Skin :  Try MAC "On Hold" which is a more subtle red that does not go super bright and has a slight bit more rose to it with a creamy finish.  "Ruby Woo" is a 2nd option if you want the more dramatic - it's very blue based with a bright matte finish.  Going off the MAC brand, remember this post on Nars "Jungle Girl" I blogged on during the holidays is gorgeous too for fairer types.Medium Skin :  MAC "Russian Red" which I love love to wear and has a matte finish and is a TRUE red in my opinion, meaning it goes neither blue or orange.  Or their simply explained "MAC Red" is another great wearable option and tends to go just slightly berry red.Dark Skin : "Dare You" is a deep burgundy brownish red that looks wonderful on darker skin.  If you want a true pop of color against dark skin, "Lady Danger" is a vivid orange red. Red lipstick will never go out of style and will always command attention - Boom!!  Do you rock the RED LIP?  Tell me your fave brand + shade and leave you skin tone in the comments below - I'm so curious!!