March 2, 2015

3 Steps To Successfully Cover A Blemish

Breakouts are an unfortunate event that happen to EVERYONE right?!  I don't know a human being on this earth that hasn't experienced at least one.  And even though they are this beauty bloggers worst nightmare,  luckily they don't happen often and I've got makeup on my side.

I seriously considered just using my handy "edit" button in my iPhoto program to easily blur this Mt. Vesuvius growing on my chin that is so massive and that hurts to even slightly touch and brings tears to my eyes - you know the kind. But my husband encouraged me to be authentic, and share with my readers "how would JennySue Makeup would deal with it?" I mean even my kids noticed it and were asking, "what's that red thing on your chin??"

So here I am, giving you my step by step instructions on how I am covering up the dreaded face blemish.  It's actually pretty easy if you do the steps in the right order and have the right ammunition to fight it (products & tools)!

Apply a thin layer of your foundation all over your face to even out your entire skin tone to start with. If you have a foundation that is marketed as budge proof, stay put, long wear, that is best because foundation tends to slip n slide right off the dreaded zits!  I'm using Stila's Stay All Day Foundation.


 To effectively cover a small space like a zit, you MUST own a concealer brush bc the tip is going to be tiny enough to just touch the actual blemish. So many people go wrong by applying concealer to their spot with their finger or something too large.  My favorite tool is this Kevyn Aucoin one bc you can cover the smallest of small blemish right in the center where you need it without applying too much conceal around the perimeter - thus lighting up the area that doesn't need to be lighter!  And using a yellow based concealer is key, because the yellow will counteract the redness thus making it not as obvious. Of course a full coverage concealer is necessary, like this Make Up For Ever one. (I'm wearing color 6, sand)  

I like using a matte powder that closely resembles your skin tone. Don't use your shine or illuminating powders because they actually draw attention to these spots, which is exactly what we don't want!! I'm using this new one by L'Oreal Infallible (and you know how much I love all of their infallible products). Infallible means "incapable of failure or error" so there you go - this powder won't fail you when covering up your blemish!!  Make sure to press the powder INTO the blemish with a sponge, no swiping motions or brushes which don't set as well.


I really took one for the team putting my blemish on display so now I'd love for you to share your blemish fixer upper products and/or advice!!  (P.S. the blemish is thankfully on it's way out after 4 days of daily applications of benzol peroxide and extreme face washing.)

February 26, 2015

A Pretty Way To Incorporate Marsala Into Your Eye Makeup

"The Pantone color of the year, Marsala, was chosen because it enriches our mind, body, and soul, exuding confidence and stability.  Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to embracing it's warmth."  Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman.

This whole description of Marsala sounds exactly like what I want in my makeup colors - enriching, seductive, confident, what more could you ask for in a shade?!  So I decided to create a look that incorporates this color of the year (while not trying to color my whole face with it!)  in combination with a  few other complimentary colors.  Here's a look...

Products used:

Shadow Palette with Marsala shade: BhCosmetics  \\  Upper Lid Eyeliner:  Urban Decay "Corrupt"   Lower Lid Waterline Eyeliner:  NYX "tropical green"
Lid Brightener & Primer: MAC Paint Pot "Soft Ochre"  \\  Skin: MAC Face & Body foundation N2

Marsala has an earthy quality that compliments most skin tones! My bhcosmetics palette above (on sale now for $15!!) has a few versions of marsala in it, from a pinker version (good for fair skin) to a more purple undertone (good for darker skin) to the one I used which was the perfect warm red brown (good for everyone!).  After looking on the official Pantone web page, they listed colors that compliment Marsala and versions of green, umber, and warm neutrals work well which is why I chose to add green to my eye makeup look. 

You can see most of the Marsala shades in the center of my palette above.  The arrows point to the 3 shades I used in this look and here's how I applied them plus the additional products I used for the prettiest outcome :
  1. The shimmery pearl white was used all over my lid and in the tear ducts
  2. Marsala (in the center of the palette) which was used to compliment and outline my crease of my lid and on top of my brown eyeliner on the upper lid.
  3. The moss green was used along my lower lash line on top of my NYX pencil listed above.
  4. For the cheeks I used a warm shade of apricot blush to compliment the red brown eye, but not to repeat the exact color.
  5. The lip gloss I chose has a reddish pink base to it but with a shimmery gold finish.
I must say I have loved every single shade Pantone has picked over the past few years from radiant orchid (remember my post here on it), emerald, to tangerine.  

Have you incorporated Marsala into your makeup routine yet?  

February 24, 2015

Nailed It! Oscar Night's Best Of Beauty Looks (And Most Disappointing)

Whenever I do these "BEST OF" posts regarding red carpet makeup, I find I seem to gravitate towards the same types of looks - bold lips, smokey eyes, old Hollywood wavy hair!! Oh well, at least I'm consistent right??  Here are my picks for the most show stopping makeup looks from Sunday night with product suggestions on how to copy that look.  Plus the one celeb that usually nails it, but really disappointed me this time...womp womp...
{RED LIP :: Margot Robbie - Image Via}

OMG - the most PERFECT RED LIP! Could it look more precise and bold?!  What do you know, my fellow blogger Glambunctious investigated and found the EXACT product her MUA used on her and it was Hourglass Opaque Liquid Lipstick in "Raven" - already sold out on but available here through Barney's.  If I had to guess on a cheaper version, it feels very much like the much obsessed color MAC "Lady Danger."  What I loved about this look is that she paired it with a more unruly brow.  Not the usual perfectly shaped and super filled in brow that has been so prominent on the red carpet.  The precise lip with the not so precise brow and the super blonde hair feels fresh and slightly Madonna-esque. 
{CANDLE-LIT SKIN ::  Chrissy Teigen - Image Via}

Again, those bold lips!! I'm thinking Revlons "Raisin Rage" with a clear gloss on top can get us the same merlot colored pout.  And Chrissy's skin is always flawless - seriously does the girl have any pores?? Her pore less skin is all lit up like a Christmas tree so I would copy by using Charlotte Tilbury's FilmStar Bronze & Glow duo, to get the warm shimmery skin. Y'all know I'm this product's biggest fan. My blog post review on it here.

{SMOKEY GOLDEN EYES :: Jennifer Hudson - Image Via}

Jennifer just looks fan-freaking-tasctic!! Not overdone at all, just simply beautiful.  Her eye makeup is a look I go for quite often, the subtle smokey golden browns.  And my go-to for this look is the original Urban Decay Naked palette which contains the perfect matte tan browns and shimmery golds shades to recreate Jennifer's eyes.  Can I please get a pair of those emerald green earrings to go too please??
{NEUTRAL BEAUTY ::  Gigi Hadid - Image Via}

I don't know if this model (and daughter of RHOBH Yolanda Foster) went to the actual Oscars, but she did attend the Vanity Fair after party and looked uh-mazing.  All neutral makeup is hard to pull off without looking super blah, but she did this color palette right.  With just the right amount of highlighting on the eyes and skin, tons of lashes (I would copy with Esqido lashes in "Oh So Sweet", and the most perfect nude lip (copy with L'Oreal Le Gloss in "Nude Illusion", she looks ethereal.  No need for fussy hair for this gal, the slicked back ponytail was the perfect addition to show off her gorgeous face.

{WAVY LOB :: Emma Stone - Image Via}

I don't know the first thing about hair or even how to get this look but I do know it is super fab!! Emma is just the cutest, chicest, and a trendsetter every time on the red carpet.  If someone knows how I could get this look, feel free to school me in the comments below. I would love that.  So this is just me professing my love for her hair here.  Oh, and the coral lip is pretty awesome.
{MOST DISAPPOINTING :: Jennifer Lopez - Image Via}

I'm usually J'Lo's biggest beauty fan. I heart her.  Her dress was exquisite (here) but her makeup was not on point this time. The rose gold eye shadow shaded around her eyes (should've kept it just on the upper lids) along with that bubble gum pink lipstick made her look dare I say, sickly?? It just didn't work for me.  Her face is still ridiculously gorgeous though.

Who were your red carpet faves? Did I miss anyone?  Are you mad at my JLo comment??

February 20, 2015

How To Create A Softer Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look

The "cut crease" look is getting a lot of buzz and copycats lately.  And if you're not familiar, it just means to really play up and accentuate the crease of your eyelid which is essentially your eye socket. (Here are some quick visual examples via Pinterest) Some people go to extremes with this look which can look a bit "overdone" and is super time consuming to create.
So I am going to share with you a softer + quicker way to get the cut crease look!! 

Shop The Products :

Lower Waterline Eyeliner :  Urban Decay "Demolitian" \  Eyelashes : Ardell #110 
Cheeks :  Nars "Mata Hari"  \  Lipliner : NYX "Pretty In Pink" \  Gloss :  Buxom "Dolly"
Cheekbone Highlighter : Charlotte Tilbury "FilmStar"

The key for my softer version is to use a shadow stick instead of a thin pencil or gel liner to outline your crease.  By using my favorite Rimmel shadow stick it allows me to fudge a little (not be so precise) and to be able to smudge it to a soft finish.  The trick is to start off by drawing a sideways V shape along the outer corner of each eye starting at the center of the lid and connecting to your lash line - think this shape:
< (left eye) and this one > (right eye). 

Finish off your eye look by smudging over the shadow stick with matching powder eyeshadow and highlighting the center of the lid with a light champagne or ivory shade.  I added my favorite cheap falsies to really exaggerate the whole thing! 

If you read my previous blog post you know I've been in Las Vegas this whole week and am finally home!  This weekend my plan is to try to get my body back on east coast time and to rest and relax with my family who I have missed terribly!!  The only thing I miss about LV is the weather I was enjoying - hello 70's!!  And now that I'm back in Georgia where it's typically warm, the highs are  only in the 30's - what what?!!  I hope everyone has a great (and warm!) weekend. 

February 17, 2015

4 Keys To Pulling Off Glitter Eyeshadow Like An Adult

I am headed to viva Las Vegas this week and the first image that immediately pops in my head when I think Vegas is things that sparkle, like GLITTER!!  Now I don't condone wearing anything super glittery when it comes to makeup at my age...hello 37 just recently!  It can tend to look costume-y and like you traveled back to 5th grade when you were first allowed to wear makeup and you went straight for the glitter!  But there IS a way to wear the shiny stuff and still look like a grown up...

Before you can even start thinking about applying the glitter stuff, you have to get this e.l.f.  Glitter Primer, $2. You read that right - only 2 bucks!! It has been a saving grace for me and keeping my glitter where I put it.  There's nothing worse than wearing glitter and it traveling down your cheeks and also landing on your upper lip where it doesn't belong!!  I have found regular eyelid primers just don't cut it when it comes to holding onto thicker glitter particles.  Once you've got this cheapo product under your belt, here are some tips for keeping it looking chic instead of childish...

1. Choose your glitter color wisely :  If you're older, go neutral with your glitter. Golds, silvers (yes I consider these tones neutrals), champagnes, and khaki (color I'm sporting here is an old one by MAC).  Ditch the teals, hot pinks, and emerald greens, unless you're performing on stage at the Mirage or something:) Makeup For Ever makes some good high shine glitters here as does Bare Minerals if you want a more subtle glitter with their glimmer shadows.

2.  Go slooooow : I mean in terms of application.  After you apply your eyelid primer, wait about 30 seconds for it to dry a bit on your lid then start applying your glitter. I like to use my finger, dip into my glitter tub, and start pressing it into the center of my lid first then working my way out. You'll probably find that after you have just a bit of sparkle in the center, that's good enough.  I then apply a matching neutral shadow around the rest of the eyelid or in the crease.  If you want to make it a bit more dramatic, use a small tipped makeup brush dipped in the glue, drag along lower lash line, let dry for a few seconds, then add the glitter.

3.  Keep the rest of your makeup at a minimum : Let your sparkly eyes do the talking and the rest of your cheeks and lips take a backseat by being not super sparkly either - choose a matte blush and then a lip color with a hint of color and shimmer like this L'Oreal Pro Last lip color in "Neverending Nutmeg."

4. Getting rid of the glitter :  I use this Target knockoff of my fave Neutrogrena waterproof eye makeup remove. It works like a charm.

Do you do the glitter thing or do you think it's for showgirls only?

February 13, 2015

Amethyst Eye Makeup

I am always going to be a fan of using any shade of purple on the eyes. It seems to be one of those unexpected colors that compliments every eye color!  Even the most recent Glamour magazine said that jewel tones such as amethyst or violet never fails when worn on award show red carpets.  Granted they're discussing clothing, but I believe the same goes for eyeshadow and liner. Whenever I wear my amethyst shades, I always get compliments! Always.  It feels girly and feminine, which I'm always a fan of.

When creating this look, I really played up my eyes with about 4 shades of purple from an old Kat Von D palette that's no longer available, but she has a new Innersteller palette, $46, with similar purple shimmer shades and mattes.

Here are also some MAC eyeshadow suggestions (all $15 each) you could use to get the same effect:
1. center of lid - lilac white shimmer shade : White Frost
2. tear duct area - violet shimmer : Creme de Violet
3. lower lash line - matte purple : Fig
4.  traced the crease of the eyelid - shimmer plum : Satellite Dreams
5.  Black winged eyeliner : Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in "Trooper"

I finished off my amethyst look with these makeup products :  

* * * *

Happy Valentine's weekend to you all!! Sending lots of love, hugs, and kisses your way! I hope you are surrounded by those you love most this weekend.