April 21, 2015

Beach Wavy Hair & Believable Bronze Skin

When I think beach wavy hair and bronzed skin, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover immediately pops into my head.  Swim ready body aside, (oh geez, is it realllly time for that??) I am completely on board with getting the feeling of summer into my style because I'm so tired of all of the dreary rain here in Georgia! Bring on the sunshine.

I will first start with HAIR.  I saw a video on Sephora.com on how to get beach waves with no irons or tools and where it happens while you sleep...done!  So I gave it a try and it was super easy, and actually worked.  Ok, so I didn't turn out looking like Chrissy Teigen above, but hey, give me points for trying!

Disclaimer : I took one for the team on these photos because I shot them right after waking up - zero makeup!   But don't worry, the makeup and bronzed skin will come later:)

The waves looked more like curls right after releasing them but turned into waves as the day wore on as you'll see in the future photos below.  The beauty of this hair do is that I literally took a shower after my kids fell asleep then while it was still wet all I did was...

  1. run a dab of my Living Proof Perfect Hair Day treatment throughout my hair (blog post here)
  2. parted my hair down the center of my head
  3. took one side and coiled it backwards until it rolled up into a small bun
  4. secured it with a thin elastic and one bobby pin to keep it flush against my head
  5. repeat on the other side
  6. went to sleep 
  7. woke up, took out elastics and bobby pins
  8. voila, imperfect beach waves!
Now that my hair was done over night I could focus on getting my SKIN looking like it had been at the beach and not in the bed!  I was recently introduced to the safe skincare and clean beauty brand Beauty Counter and fell in love with their contouring bronzer that has zero shimmer but a naturally warm glow.

Bronzer : Beauty Counter Color Contour Matte Bronzer No. 01  \\  MAC brush #191 (for sharp cheekbones) 
MAC brush # 287 (for nose contouring - but also a really great eyeshadow blending brush!)  \\ Foundation : Diorskin Airflash Color #200

I'm such a bronzer girl when it comes time for spring and summer.  If you don't have a real tan, fake it til you make it I always say!! Even a little bit of bronzer is better than none at all.   Since this product is a matte finish, it's not only great for warming up your pale winter skin, it's also perfect for realistic hollowing of the cheekbones unlike shimmery ones which tend to look fake when you attempt contouring.  

Where I place this bronzer :
  • right underneath the cheekbones starting from top of the ear towards mouth, 
  • sides of the nose, 
  • around the hairline and perimeter of face, 
  • and don't forget the neck that never sees the sun because it's blocked by your chin! 
* * * * * 

Who else is ready for beach-like hair and makeup??

April 17, 2015

Look Of The Moment :: The Gladiator Sandal

This might be showing my age, but do you remember the ballet flats with big bows from the brand Sam & Libby popular back in the1980's?  I sure do, because I rocked them daily with my flowered leggings and big hair bangs!!  Major flashback.  Well the brand has recently been brought back to life by being sold at Target and their newest selection of styles are amazing (no more girly bows though) and the price point is just as nice.

I have a thing for the gladiator sandal because I find they look so chic and way more interesting as compared to a boring flip flop or slip on.  And since sandal weather is finally upon us (except for a weird recent cold snap here in Georgia but I'm hoping it's on it's way out!) I decided to treat myself to a new pair.  These Sam & Libby lace up gladiators above with tassels just spoke to me when I tried them on in store and were surprisingly SO comfortable, I almost considered asking if I could pop off the security tags and wear them out of the store!  I used to beg my mom to do that as a kid when she would take me shoe shopping - I had to wear them at that moment and put my old shoes worn into the store in the box! Anyone else feel me??

Flashback History Bit :  Gladiator sandals aren't a new trend - oh no no no.  The ancient Roman gladiators were the first ones to sport these lace up beauties way back in the day.  And they were usually men that work them, but oh well.  They are basically a shoe that says "courage and strength" never go out of style:)  Think this sculpture made of the popular Apollo featuring his lace up sandals thought to have been created between 325 and 350 BC.  So gladiator sandals are old school!!

I love the way these sandals look with girly dresses or with cut offs and a simple tee like these images above.  They're a very versatile and cool look.  Although Kourtney Kardashian looks so amazing in the ones that go up to the knee, I can't get into the height of those.  I've tried the super tall ones and I feel like my legs are stuck in a cage and I start to feel suffocated.  But the ones that go to the ankle, I can totally rock those all day long!  Target is currently offering a buy one pair get the 2nd 50% off right now on shoes online, so you can shop my black Arianna sandal here, $29, and also treat yourself to the sand color at half off!!

Shop the Gladiators below to find the perfect ones for your feet this summer!

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Happy Friday everyone! 

April 15, 2015

A Look Into L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Last Longwear Lipcolors

I am a huge fan of the L'Oreal brand. I would go so far as to say of all of the drugstore brands out there, I buy more of their products than any other.

I use their True Match foundation line on all of my clients and have for years.  And their mascaras (Voluminous False Fibers Lashes, yes please!) and liners (the Infallible and Silkissime - blogged on here) are some of my favorites.  So when I was sent some of their newest Pro Longwear lip colors to try out, (a lovely and much appreciated blogger perk) well this mama thought she had died and gone to lipstick heaven.

How to share all of these shades with my readers though?? Since there were so many of these beauties, the whole swatching things on my arm that every beauty blogger does, wasn't going to cut it.  So I decided to do something fun with them and document all 14 shades I was sent on my Instagram account (<< follow me <<) with the hashtag: #alipstickadaykeepsthedoctoraway.  It made sense.  Whenever I want a pick me up for any reason, a swipe of lipstick makes me feel better about myself immediately:)  And these lip colors, they stay around. More on my thoughts about these lip products and the formula at bottom of post. 

Here's a look at all of the ones I was sent. Sit back and relax, there's a lot of shades to linger over...


Left to right :  "FOREVER CANDY" and "VIOLET PARFAIT"

Left to right :  "LILAC INFINITE" and "CHERRIES NOIR."
Left to right :  "ALWAYS ALMOND" and  "CORAL CONSTANT"  

That's a lot of lip colors right?? Shew Wee!! 

So here's my personal thoughts next to the L'Oreal claims for the Infallible Pro-Last Longwear Lip Colors:

1. This is the long-lasting, transfer-resistant color you’ve been searching for. The high-intensity color glides on with a moisturizing feel that lasts up to 24 hours. 
* Totally transfer-resistant.  I would do my kid test and kiss my children's cheeks to see if it left a mommy mark and they never did!! Never saw any color on my coffee cup or wine glass while wearing them either - which is a total pet peeve of mine.  Score.
* I don't find a need or want to keep on a lipstick for 24 hours honestly.  I take off lip color after about 9 hours.  Most of these shades did stay very high-intensity for up to 6 hours before I wanted to reapply any extra color at all and usually it was just needed on the interior of my lips.  It stays moisturizing feeling AS LONG as you keep the balm handy and applied.*

2. The result: bold lips without the dry-out and no need to re-apply.
* Bold lips yes.  Here's the thing about dry out and I don't k now if it was just because of my specific lip composition or what, but I found the darkest colors (except for Mesmerizing Merlot) felt the driest.  All of the neutrals and pinks never felt dry.  Not sure what that's about but there you go!  

3. Application Tips:
Step 1: Apply High Intensity Color for true color pay-off that resists transfer, fading & bleeding.  * To get very technical, I would only dip my applicator in the color one time to use all over my lips because if you double dip and apply 2 or more coats - it doesn't stick and feels cakey.  I literally would swipe that applicator over my lips like I was pressing the color in for a good 30 seconds.  Then I would keep my lips parted for another 45 seconds until the color was completely dry to the touch with my finger and no color transferred.
Step 2: Apply Pro-Seal Balm to lock in color and leave lips feeling moisturized. *This is fool proof, apply as much as you want.  It makes your lips super glossy and feel heavenly. 

^^ My favorite of the bunch - "Mesmerizing Merlot," show again here with my good camera! ^^

I hate to pick favorites because there honestly wasn't a single one I disliked.  But if I had to choose one bestie from the 14, it would be "Mesmerizing Merlot." Such a pretty balance and combo of a red + wine that complimented my skin tone perfectly.  If I had to pick a neutral that wasn't as bam!, I'd go with the "Everlasting Caramel." A warm apricot toned neutral. 

You can shop these Infallible Pro-Last Longwear Lipcolors, $12.99,  at any of your favorite drugstores.  There are 24 shades total!   My online favorites are Ulta.com and Target.com has them online for $9.99 right now! 

(These were sent for promotional consideration only.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own as always.  I'd like to send big hugs to the ladies at Alison Brod PR for sharing these with me!)

April 13, 2015

Bye Grey, Hello Color Stay! Pantene Platinum Color Lock + Giveaway

My grey hairs are coming in like gangbusters these days and it's really starting to get on my nerves because I feel like I'm constantly dying my roots!  And with summer coming up, I always feel like I have to shampoo my hair more often because I get hot and sweaty - obviously.  And more shampooing means breaking down my hair dye quicker and the dreaded old lady grays popping back up...Ugh.

But hopefully, with the newest Pantene Platinum Lock system which is available now at Sam's Club, that isn't going to be my reality anymore...

I have been using Pantene ever since I can remember.  Maybe not since Vivian's age, but at least junior high school for sure.  Pantene is that hair care brand that I always go back to whenever I try out another shampoo and conditioner (usually a more $$ one) and then realize they don't work any better.  Viv thought these 40 ounce pump bottles were hilariously big, which is the cause for her cute smiles. "Mommy, they're so heavvvyyy and smell so goooood!"

So I am putting this new system to the color lock test.  I am dying my greys tomorrow then using this Pantene shampoo and conditioner exclusively for 6 weeks to see if it can keep my color sticking around any longer than normal.  Of course I will be taking the popular before and after pics to share with you all in my follow up blog post once I have completed my challenge. Sounds like an Amazing Race segment right??  Ok, maybe hair care isn't that extreme, but it is a big deal to this mama to keep that grey away!
If this stuff delivers, those 40 ounce bottles for under 10 bucks is a huge steal in my book as compared to the pricier salon brands!  I have a lot of hair, so if I don't have to constantly buy shampoo, that feels like I'm saving money and I like that.

GIVEAWAY TIME!  One lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a $25 gift card to Sam's Club!  Must be 18 years or older and US residents only.  Just enter the Rafflecopter contest below and a winner will be chosen on April 20th, 2015. 

a Rafflecopter giveawayGood luck to everyone who enters and I can't wait for the follow up post.  Crossing my fingers those greys stay away longer!  After you have entered the Rafflecopter, let me know in the comment section below if you dye your hair to cover grey hair or to just change the color completely, or both!  I'm really interested to know if anyone else hates the grey struggle as much as I do:)*This is a sponsored post for She Speaks and Pantene Platinum at Sam's Club.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own as usual.* 

April 11, 2015

Become A "Better Shade of You" With Palm Beach Tan + Giveaway

(Giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winners listed in the Rafflecopter below!!)  I love love a good tan...the safe sunless spray ones!!  Since it was just around 50 degrees during my kids spring break recently, a fake tan is the only way for me to feel like spring has actually arrived and given me the confidence to put on shorts and skirts.  It's no secret that when I have a bit of a warmer skin tone, I feel like a better version of my normally fair to medium skin toned self!  Maybe it's the fake vitamin D kicking in!

Thank goodness, Palm Beach Tan is celebrating their 25th anniversary and they want to get us all in the mood for warmer weather by giving away the following to my JennySue Makeup readers :

FIVE FREE 1 TIME SPRAY TAN SESSIONS and ONE 3 -MONTH DIAMOND PREMIER MEMBERSHIP  (sun bed or the safe sunless tanning options available)

Check out my super tan legs below.  D is for "dramatically deeper skin tone than usual"...just kidding, it's for my last name...ha!

Here is proof of what a beautiful Palm Beach Tan sunless tan looks like!  Look back through my past posts, and you will see that I never look this tan and it happened after one single visit for a Mystic Spray Tan. Thanks to my wonderful and super friendly PBT employee, Cydney, for helping guide me through my sunless tan experience.  I came out of it with THE most beautiful fake tan ever.  I use sunless tanner quite often from the drugstore but it doesn't give me the immediate gratification and extreme results that this Palm Beach Tan did.  This type of service is great for a special occasion or for just wanting to feel like a better shade of you in a hurry.

* * * * *

Now for the fun part, the GIVEAWAY!!  Simply enter my Rafflecopter for a chance to win one of these 6 prizes.  Make sure to also leave a comment below telling me what kind of special event you have coming up that you would like to feel like "a better shade of you" for. This promotion will end on Saturday April 18th, 2015.

*Disclaimer - Winners must be 18 years of age and this offer is good for any Palm Beach Tan near you.  Find if there is a location near you here.  For those of you who opt for the sunbed, PLEASE tan wisely with their golden rules of tanning.  And of course if you're unsure or have questions, just ask! The PBT staff members are certified and equipped with giving you the best advice to achieve your goals. For more info and to find about their upcoming promotions and discounts and deals, visit their Facebook page.*

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Best of luck to all of you that enter!!  If you haven't already subscribed to my email list be sure to do that over the right side of my blog >>>.  You'll always be updated when a new post goes up or another great giveaway is happening!

(This is a sponsored post through Palm Beach Tan.  All opinions about my spray tan are honest and my own! I feel so beachy bronze!)

April 9, 2015

#ThrowBackThursday :: Music Festival Beauty Inspiration

Coachella.  The ultimate modern day music and arts festival...that's also part runway show.  Ladies are dressed up in the best hippie chic duds a girl can get (think Free People!), headbands & hats a plenty, and lots of fringe. If I had to guess, it seems like a contemporary Woodstock but with a much higher price tag to enter (obviously since that was 46 years ago, ha!)  So I'm going to throw it back to the feel of that original music festival, with an ad inspiration circa 1969 that could totally work for todays Coachella. Plus some of my past blog posts that can help you get this look...
This is a Clairol ad from 1969 that I fell in love with immediately when I saw it.  Isn't she breathtaking and so captivating to look at??  From her hair, printed clothing, and of course makeup, I thought "THIS is what I would want to look like if I were attending Coachella." 

Here is how I would mimic her look...

(1) EYE MAKEUP ::  Her green eyes just pop off the page wearing this gorgeous lavender eye makeup.  Luckily, purples and lavenders flatter EVERY eye color.  Yay!  And I JUST created a super similar look on the blog that you can copy from my original post, Amethyst Eye Makeup Look.

(2)  BIGGER HAIR :: Now her hair is a bit exaggerated for the ad, but I do think that big waves or curls are perfect for a music festival vibe.  Wearable waves can be easily created with the Conair You Curl Wand here, $21 that I used on my own naturally straight hair shown in the picture below.  (Original blog post here if you're interested in this camo look and dying to know what hot pink lip I'm sporting! )
(3) PHAT LASHES :: Yes, I used fat with a ph to describe the Twiggy like lashes in the ad inspiration.  And this  look can be achieved (without falsies!) by using the ah-mazing Physicians Formula Lash Extension Kit I did a video tutorial on here.   My before and after lashes will shock and amaze below!

(4) NUDE GLOSSY LIPS ::  For eyes as dramatic and colorful as we are copying, you need to use a more neutral but super glossy lip to balance out.  Try this lip plumping Buxom Lip Polish in "Dolly", $19 that I can't get enough of. (Original blog post here).
(5) FLOPPY HAT ::  So a big mass of curls isn't your thing but you want a head accessory.  What screams music festival more than this oversized floppy hat, $32 like mine?!  (Original blog post the same as above here.)

Now to finish your look, you'll need a blousy printed top and maybe some rad fringe lace up sandals.  Just head over to FreePeople.com to shop, you'll find everything you need to nail this look.

Have you ever been to Coachella?  Not sure I'll ever go, but would love an excuse to go to sunny California again!! 

April 7, 2015

Sea Inspired Smokey Eyes

Colorful eye shadows make me happy and smokey eyes are my comfort zone look.  

I feel more like me with lots of color on my eyes than when they're bare or even when wearing the easy browns and taupe eye shadows.  And whenever a see a gal rocking a colorful shadow look, I want to run up and give her a high five for having the confidence to dump the neutral safe shadow look! Today I'm sharing with you my recent sea-inspired mix of colors that I wore for Easter weekend.  How to pull it off without looking like a clown?  Mix your edgy eye makeup with a barely there cheek and lip! 

The products I used to create this smokey sea blue eye:

1. Product :  MAC "Nylon" eyeshadow, $16.  This is one of THE best eye highlighting colors on the market in my opinion. It's the perfect champagne-warm yellowish brightening frosty color (how's that for a description??).  It's plain gorgeous.  I apply this in the tear duct area (with pretty much any look I create as of recently) then a bit on my brow bone right under the brow hairs.  If you don't own this shade, you need to get it.

2.  Product :  (old) Seafoam green shade from an old Bobbi Brown brights palette.  I applied this shade right in the center of my lid for a pop of pastel green.

3.  Product :  MAC "Club" eyeshadow, $16.  Y'all know this color is my jam.  It's a greenish-brown with an illuminating iridescent feel.  My photo pic above doesn't do it justice of course.  This goes in a sideways V shape on the outer corners of the eye, and along the lower lash line.

4.  Product :  NYX Slide on eye pencil in "Sunrise Blue," $7.99.  I lined the upper lid with this bright cobalt blue liner and winged it upwards at the end and lined the inner waterline area of the lower lid.

5.  Products :  L'Oreal Infallible eye shadow in "midnight blue, $7.99"  - This stuff has mad staying power and a pigment that is so rich and shimmery, I can't take my eyes off it!! I used a small tipped slanted shadow brush to apply this right on top of my eyeliner along the upper lid only.

What to do with the rest of your makeup once you've completed your dramatic smokey eye??  It's always best to go for a soft finish on cheeks and lips.  That means a little bit of warm color on the cheeks and a sheer lip.

I used two of my newest products from Bobbi Brown.  Their gorgeous brightening brick in "Cranberry" I added to the highest part of my cheekbones rather than right in the center like I usually do.  And the lip gloss I chose is almost colorless, just a hint of pale peach and lots of shine!  No pencil or lipstick underneath, just an easy swipe and you're done.  You already spent a bunch of time nailing the smokey eye, so make it easy on yourself when it comes to cheeks and lips!

Shop my products mentioned in this post :

* * * * * 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!  We sure did. The weather was just beautiful and we got to spend time with my parents and lots of good friends.  And of course we did multiple games of Easter egg hunts with all of the neighborhood kids!