Monday, October 20, 2014

Perfectly Pink Lip Liner :: MAC Pro Longwear Liner "In Anticipation"

Pink will always be my go-to shade choice when I want to look fresh faced and not overdone.  It can brighten a complexion more than a nude shade but isn't as overbearing as a red lip.  The perfect in between.  And now I've got a pink lip that stays put and only requires 1 product, MAC Pro Longwear lip pencil in "In Anticipation," $20.

I like that I can wear this pencil by itself for a matte lip look or add a gloss on top to make it a little more noticeable.  This shade by MAC is a semi bright rose pink shade that brightens my natural lips just perfectly.  And since this is a long wear formula, it stays put without fading for a good 4 hours before I wanted to reapply, which in my eyes is GREAT bc I am constantly eating, drinking, and licking my lips!

What is your favorite lip pencil? 

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Candy Corn Nails Cute Enough To Eat

^^ She added a pumpkin sticker with rhinestones to her thumbnail!! Why not?! ^^

 ^^ Step 1 : Two coats of white polish ^^
The white part is going to be so tiny, I wanted it to really pop so we did 2 coats of white 
because it gets a bit too transparent! 

 ^^ Step 2 : Paint 3/4 of the nail with an orange polish. ^^ 
She wasn't patient enough for me to wait a reaaallly long time to do 
the whole tape over the white for the PERFECT line, so we just winged it 
and did it with the regular paint brush in the bottle and tried to be as steady as possible.

 ^^ Step 3 : Finishing yellow stripe with a fine tip polish pen. ^^
Finish with a clear coat of quick dry.  
Especially if you're doing little fingers that aren't very patient:)

CANDY CORN.  We have already eaten through 2 bags and I need to buy more.  Three of us in the family love it, two don't (my hubby and my oldest think its gross - what??!!!).   So of course when I noticed Vivian's sweet little fingers needed a new paint job, I suggested to mimic her fave candy at the moment, and she was totally on board!! 

It is a bit time consuming bc of the drying time in between colors, but worth it in the end because its just so darn cute and festive.  The yellow was gone within 2 days because the tips of those tiny hands are very busy, so we will touch them up, but at least I got these pics beforehand!  I do love decorating my house for Halloween and of course dressing up, but the candy corn is the yummiest part of the holiday for sure.  And no, you cannot actually eat her nail polish, but it does look good enough to:)  

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shopbop Sale

If you have never been on the Shopbop website, do yourself a favor, and shop it TODAY! Because this Thursday the 16th is the last day of a 3 day sale where they are offering a whopping 
25% off with the code FAMILY25.  

Attention all of my family members!  The above studs, coat, handbag, and leopard booties are seriously at the top of my fall and winter wants. Christmas is only 69 days away...hint hint:) 

Happy Shopping everyone. 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday PowWow :: What's The Best Part About Your Job?

{ Photo is courtesy of my dear friend Abbey Lindsey of }

I know it is a very rare thing when a passion or hobby turns into a real job.  Sure I may not make enough money to buy a Celine bag (geez wouldn't that be nice tho!), new furniture, or eat at the finest restaurants whenever I want to, but that's okay.  I'm lucky that before I started my freelance makeup business and blog, that my husband and I had already decided on me being a stay at home mom to our kids. So when I created my LLC, I knew that I wanted to feel successful in it, but that I would always make sure that I would never over schedule myself to where my kids would suffer or I would end up resenting my job bc it was taking me away from them.  Balance right?? Well, it's never that easy and I don't think we should continually strive for balance, just strive to do our best and accept that as good enough.   

So onto the question at hand - What is the best part about my job as a makeup artist?  I'd have to say getting to see a woman's self confidence soar after my job is complete.   
There is nothing more rewarding than once I'm finished with a face, a woman looks into that mirror, smiles, and says "thank you for making me feel so good about myself."  I don't care what anyone says, makeup has magical healing properties and it's one of the easier things women can utilize to enhance their beauty.  It's hard to have a bad day when you are painting faces, playing with cosmetics, and feeling pretty good about your appearance!  Therefore I always have happy clients which in return makes me happy!  

So I want to hear from you, what's your favorite thing about your job and what do you do? 

*Do you remember this post I did on trying to do everything?  I always find I need to go back and read it when I'm feeling overwhelmed with my mommy and makeup artist job! 

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Copy Kim Kardashian's Wedding Lip Look With This Drugstore Product

Despite what you personally think of her and her very public family, Kim Kardashian KNOWS how to rock impeccable makeup every.single.time.  She's never without her signature contoured cheekbones, fringy false lashes, honey colored skin, and those pouty lips!!  Her look seems untouchable right?  Wrong! Good news is, after that over the top wedding she pulled off to Kanye West, I found out that you and I can actually afford the EXACT product she wore on her lips here...

This is a shot of Kim from her infamous photo booth at her wedding reception wearing the now famous liquid lipstick.  Then there's me, not at her wedding but trying to do the same face pose!  Obviously, I still haven't perfected the fish face! Ok I know, I know, this black and white doesn't help at all in showing you that we have the same shade of lip color on but I couldn't resist trying to recreate it.  Keep reading to see my colored version and the exact drugstore lip product her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic used on her...

Here is my lip transformation from start to finish of wearing this lip color.  I ended up going a step further and adding one extra drugstore lip product since my lips are super pale to start with (they literally blend into my face) and felt they needed a bit more color to nail Kim's look...

^^ Bare lips ^^

 ^^ One swipe of Nude Ballet on bare lips for reference ^^

^^ Backing up, I then decided to fill in my entire lips with 
Rimmel London Exaggerate lip liner in "Addiction," $5.99. A great fleshy pinky nude. ^^

^^ Adding a layer of Nude Ballet on top of liner ^^

^^ Finished lips! ^^ 
(Eye shadow look created with the original Urban Decay Naked palette, $54.) 

It's true, Kim K wore a lip product under 10 bucks on her wedding day! And holy moly, if this isn't the prettiest glossy nude lip shade EVER.  It's got a slight tacky feel but that gives way to the long wear, it's not too opaque but not too sheer, and has a very high shine.  And the slightly bent applicator gets in there so you can get every drop of product and it applies really easily.  I have worn this shade alone and still love it, but thought that to truly nail Kim's look (she must have more natural pigment in her lips to start with than I do) that I needed to add the liner to get the look.

Here is the complete breakdown from Daily Mail of every single makeup product Mario used on her for the big day plus him admitting here that he didn't even do a trial run with Kim!  The list has a great mix of high end and drugstore products, so this validates why I love being a freelance artist so much and not just using one brand for an entire face.

See, Mrs. West, IS just like the rest of us by using drugstore products! Ha Ha!! This is refreshing because we all know she could afford to have her MUA use the most expensive makeup brands she wants but she trusted her artist to use what he knew would look best.  I think L'Oreal probably owes Mario Dedivanovic a few freebies for promoting this awesome lip product...

Have you tried this liquid lipstick?  What did you think of Kim's wedding day look? 

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Beauty Mantra

If you follow me on Instagram,  you already saw this pic of my toes in the sand from this past weekend.   I look forward to this trip every year that we've been on for the past 5 years with a group of our closest couple friends.  Actually we missed last year (due to work conflicts) and it was devastating so I'm thankful we were back this year!  I guess since I don't live on or anywhere near a beach, I really appreciate its healing properties for the soul (and the sands great natural exfoliating properties! ha!).  There is nothing that compares to how relaxing and tranquil a beach can be and how it can take your worries away.  Especially when it's accompanied with good friends who you adore and perfect weather.

 ^^ These girls (and mamas!) are just the most fun to be around.  
We have 12 kiddos between us with 1 more on the way! Not me, the pretty lady in green;) ^^

 ^^ I don't drink bloody marys, but I do love how fancy they are with all of their veggies included!
These were definitely a popular adult drink of choice while lounging on the beach! 
I was a mimosa girl. ^^

^^ Seriously this was our view every morning from one of our balconies. 
Not a bad way to wake up!^^

^^ Me and the hubs after his late arrival from work. Was glad to have a little time 
with him rather than none!^^

^^ The only group pic we got of the weekend that is sadly a little blurry!  But it was on my 
favorite night of the weekend where we did a shrimp boil on the beach that 
carried over late into the night! ^^

^^ There is something so magical about a sunset on the beach. ^^

Who knew that a beach weekend in October could have been so gorgeous??  We got seriously lucky with the weather.  This weekend always goes by so quickly that I'm always wishing we had just ONE more day.  But I'll take the time we get because it's a much needed break away from real life.  Just enough time away from our children to recharge our parent batteries and none of us feel bad about admitting that.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?  Luckily all of our kids enjoy the time with their grandparents as well (they always go above and beyond entertaining our children!), so it's a win win for everyone.  
Grayton Beach, I can't wait until next year...

Do you take any yearly vacations you always look forward to?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday Beauty Muse :: Brigitte Bardot

Image via Pinterest

Brigitte Bardot was the ultimate sexy French actress and model back in the 1950's & 60's.  From her long super blonde hair, winged liner, amazing bone structure and pouty mouth, she exuded effortless beauty.

                                                                 Image via Pinterest

Image of millionaire Gunter Sachs and Brigette via 

 Image via

 ^^With her only son, Nicolas.  Who has the most perfectly tousled up do like that with a baby??^^

Whenever I think, "I'd like to have a sexy messy hair do," I immediately think of this woman.  I also think Claudia Schiffer who is almost her modern day twin! I have yet to see any of her movies, but I want to now.  Especially And God Created Woman from 1965 which apparently was super controversial but put her on the map to stardom as a sex kitten icon.

Who would be your throwback beauty muse?