The Right Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

I will never claim to be an eyebrow expert like Anastasia Soare, (Beverly Hills brow extraordinare to the stars if you’re not familiar) but I do know that eyebrows can make or break a face. And picking the right shape to create the framework for the rest of your face is key.

Most of us were not lucky enough to be born with perfectly shaped eyebrows so we have to create them. Whether it be to draw them on, pluck them down, wax them off, there are a lot of ways to go in order to get them just right. I myself was born with the coarsest and bushiest brows known to an awkward 12 year old. Over time I just plucked and plucked until I was left with presently drawing them on and filling them into their perfect shape! But hey, at least I try.

And picking the right shape is very straightforward. Just go with the shape appropriate for your face type. And there are two simple categories:

Wide or Round Face requires a more angular and sharp distinct arch. Think songbird Jordin Sparks with her strong arch towards the end of her eye.

Thin or Defined Bone Structure Face requires a softer arch with more of a curve feeling than a sharp arch. Think picture perfect actress/mom Angelina Jolie with her subtley curved brows that are amazingly symmetrical.

Either way, make sure that whatever shape you choose for your brows that you keep them neat and tidy (no scraggly hairs please, that’s distracting from the overall look) and on the fuller side. And if that means filling them in a little with some brow pencil or wax, do it. Skinny brows are out. Back to Ms. Anastasia, try her Brow Powder Duo ($22) which gives you two complimentary colors in one that you can mix together so that you can find your best shade and make it stay put.

Remember – your eyebrows are the “framework” of your face, so take the time to get them right!