Dads Are Important

“Life doesn’t come with an instruction book-
that’s why we have fathers.”
(From the book “A Father’s Book of Wisdom”)

My kids two grandfather’s and their daddy celebrating Father’s Day!  
This Father’s Day weekend has been extremely special!  It was my husband’s birthday on Saturday and then we got to celebrate Father’s Day with both grandfathers!  Me and the kids presented Scott with a brand new grill for his birthday/Father’s Day combination.
This is my best Vanna White impression.
I completely agree with the saying I found up top in that my own father has taught me tons in my 33 years of life, and I didn’t realize how truly smart he was until I had my own children!! (Sorry dad it took me so long to figure that out!)
Me with my dad and my daughter.  
I hope she learns as much from her daddy as I did from mine!
My dad taught me:
  •  there is never ANY reason someone should bounce a check -he’s a CPA- and I never have!  
  • He also told me there was no excuse that I shouldn’t be able to graduate from college in 4 years if I studied  hard enough and made good use of my time there- I graduated in exactly 4 years.  
  • He always made sure I used the best manners possible around my elders and never expected anything less than the best of me.  Who wants to be around someone that’s rude and acts like they have no upbringing?? 

At times I found it hard to live up to these great expectations as a child and teenager, but once I became adult in the real world, I realized how him being hard on me at times has resulted in me being a better person.

Of course there have been times I know I’ve done things my dad hasn’t been so proud of (um, my tattoo and a few other events that we will keep between us!), but through it all he has exercised the quote from Mother Theresa…
“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
Through all the rough and tumble times, my dad has always loved me through them and I deeply appreciate that kind of love.
My kids blowing out the bday candles with their daddy.
I can already see that my husband is following in the footsteps of my wonderful father and his dad too. He is setting a great example for our boys of why it’s important to treat their mother like a queen (yes, he is very good to me!), he is constantly putting his family first, and treasures every second with us, and it’s obvious.  
Dad’s are important.  Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special and involved person to be a DAD.  Happy Father’s Day to all the DAD’S out there!!!  Enjoy your special day!!