October 12, 2011

Fall Night Out Look

I don't get many nights out with JUST the hubby.  If we go out, it's usually somewhere that you can wear jeans and a t-shirt and there are TVs on the wall and chicken nuggets on the menu.  But when I do get the opportunity to go out, my first thought for my makeup would be to combine the colors black and gold, bc they go together like peanut butter and jelly.  It's a color scheme that just works on clothes and eye makeup for a chic and sophisticated combination.  Your basic black along with some gold metal shimmer = perfect Fall evening out look!

Note- I would NOT wear my pigtail braids for a sophisticated night out.
 Just focus on the makeup in this picture!!  I was hanging out with my kids when wearing this hair do!

I used a black liquid liner for the upper lash line along with a blackish-brown shadow in my crease (Sexpresso from Too Faced Natural Eye palette).

MAC's Antique Gold glitter brillants to line ONLY the LOWER lash line for my subtle pop of gold!
I used a flat tipped brush and dipped it in glitter glue from Sally Beauty (cheap cheap) then applied to lower lash line AFTER mascara was applied.
(That way some of the glitter stuck to my lashes creating more sparkle!)

I thought this black and gold eye makeup look would go along quite nicely with my fantasy outfit and accessories I put together through polyvore.com.   I say "fantasy" bc most of these items, this mama could NEVER afford, but it's so much fun to dream;-)  And I just watched Rachel Zoe last night, and I feel like I'm living her life of styling by pulling together high end items on a whimsy with cost not being an option!!  I put a plum colored top with my black and gold, bc no color goes better with these two than the color of royalty-right?!!  And of course a little leopard print must be thrown in there with the cute ring!

Fall Night Out

Halston Heritage no sleeve shirt
$272 - my-wardrobe.com

Elsa Peretti® Bone cuff
$9,000 - tiffany.com

Valentino heel boots
$875 - net-a-porter.com

Leather bag
$36 - topshop.com

Metal jewelry
$21 - asos.com

Tom ford sunglasses
$340 - aloharag.com

Ferm Living Falling Leaves Wall Stickers – Black
$55 - coggles.com

What are your go-to pieces when it comes to getting a night out with your hubby, boyfriend, or just the girls?? I want to hear makeup necessities and fashion necessities for feeling your sauciest!!   


Alison M said...

Aaahhh, I love your style! We don't live near family or have a baby-sitter so it's been a couple months since we've gone out, but that will be changing soon :) I tend to wear black when we go out. I'm not back in shape yet so it helps me feel a touch more slim ;) I often use the (discontinued) Smoke in Your Eyes palette from Sonia Kashuk and glam up the eyes with lots and lots of mascara (Maybelline Colossal Waterproof). That leopard print ring has inspired me to start investing in some fun jewelry. While necklaces and rings don't work with diaper changing, it would be so much fun to jazz up my look!

Rin said...

Loving the look! A night out for me would consist of a face full of makeup (often a smokey eye with a colour that kinda matches my outfit) & a short dress or jeans & a fancy top :) My heels would be sky high! I haven't gone out in ages, so I'm pretty sure I've forgotten how to walk, run & dance in heels 0_0 lol!

JennySue said...

@AlisonM- I think accessories are certainly the easiest way to jazz up an outfit if you're on a mommy budget- diapers are $$- believe me I know, we've been buying them for over 5 years now-ha!! Hope you get a night out w the hubby soon;-)

@Rin- I hear ya, I don't wear heels much anymore, but when I do, look out bc they're gonna be high and sexy! Smokey eye is my go to makeup look also for evening out-thanks a bunch for following!

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Very pretty! Love how the eyeliner came out.


Oh yes I'm definitely loving this look! And the outfit too! So happy to find another makeup junkie. Thanks for stopping by :)

Ally Garner said...

Oh my gosh I love that black and gold eye makeup. And the Glitter?.... (in my best Rachel Zoe voice) Shut. It. Down.

I have to try that glitter! Question: how hard is it to get it off? Will it come off will just my regular facial soap at the end of the night?

For fun nights out with the hubby I have been getting super girly lately. I love getting dressed up in a cute party dress & heels. I wish I could pull off those chic leather pants, but i have hips. That whole ensemble is gorgeous though.

JennySue said...

@Alternative Wife- yes, makeup junkie pretty much sums me up too!! I will def be stopping by your site frequently!

@Ally- I can totally hear Rachel in your voice shutting it down;-) This MAC glitter is completely easy to get off, not sticky/tacky at all bc it seems super finely milled. I use regular eye makeup remover. Yeh, leather pants are tough, I don't own any right now, but def plan on treating myself soon. I have zero hips though so I'm hoping that will work in my favor, although a bit more girly in the hip area I would actually not mind!! Embrace those curves girl!

Viviana said...

Beautiful eye colors!
Thanks for stopping by Fashion Truffles today. I'm now following :)

DaphYin said...

Wow beautiful! And gorgeous outfit :) I love to wear black and grey tones and then I'll just shatter all this dullness with a bright colour.


Popblush said...

You are gorgeous!