Goodbye Halloween, Hello Thanksgiving!!

I cannot believe that the month of October has already come and gone!! Each Halloween gets better and better as my kids grow up and start to really enjoy all the festivities (pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, fall festivals at schools, dressing up, decorating, etc) that come along with the Halloween season!  And I must say, this year I got into the act of trick-or-treating as much as they did!!

{This is how we do trick-or-treating in our neighborhood- load the kids up in the wagon and GO!!
Yes, that’s me in the Velma costume-pretty convincing huh??}

So before Halloween gets long forgotten with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays coming up (wait, I’ve already seen department stores with garland and wreaths hanging up!!), I figured I would share with you what my Halloween looked like last night in my neighborhood.  We had a blast with all of our friends, lots of little people, and of course CANDY CANDY and more CANDY!  I was pumped  to see how many adults/parents dressed up this year and took Halloween to a whole new level!  personally proud of mine and my hubby’s costumes- I think it was my best year yet.  Let me know what you think…

{Me (Velma) and Scott (Shaggy) in our holiday best!!  I actually think my hubby had his wig on backwards, but oh well- it made it certainly shaggy!!}

{Here’s the original Scooby Doo gang for you to see where we got our inspiration from!}

{Me with  my Princess Leia from Star Wars. She was terrified of her mommy’s wig the whole night!}

{Some rockin’ 80’s aerobics instructors}

{Velma and Roller Girl who literally skated the streets the whole night!
I love a good wig;-)}

{Some of our crew dressed up! 
We had everything from Sebastian the Crab to Bobba Fett from Star Wars!}
{A kid favorite- me with DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba!}
{Viv being spooky playing in the fog machine next door!}

So now that Halloween is in the past, and today is the first of November, I need to take down the bats and jack o lanterns and put up the cornucopias and pilgrims to get ready for the month of feasting and Thanksgiving!!  

But before I start thinking of what to make with a turkey dinner, I gotta figure out what to do with all of this leftover Halloween candy??!! Any ideas??