Super Human During The Holidays

My fascination with Wonder Woman started at an early age.  Recently my mother came across this picture of me from the early 80’s (ouch) dressed up as her (Lynda Carter to be exact- who had better hair than me, but that’s neither here nor there).  My posing skills back then make me think I might could have had a future as a fashion blogger!! Ha!!

{Wonderful Wonder Woman.}
As you can see, I was obviously pleased with my trash bag type fabric of a costume.  It was complete with gold wristbands, rope, cape, and knee boots. Those “boots” are actually red knee socks with white paint drawn up the front and I even attempted to put my Lego’s in the heels of the sock so that they looked like high heeled boots!  I remember it was very uncomfortable, duh.  What we will do for the art of dress up.
This picture popped up at a most appropriate time, as I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the holiday “stuff” that is coming on like a speeding freight train.  I feel like I must actually BE Wonder Woman to get everything accomplished.  Here is a previous post I did questioning the idea of WW being a realistic inspiration or unrealistic.  Reading the comments from the other readers is just as good as the actual post and were truly inspiring. I enjoy writing blog posts in order to get positive feedback like these – it keeps me going.
This overwhelming feeling happens every year around the start of Thanksgiving and continues on until the New Year.  Oh who am I kidding, it goes on all year round! But this holiday season, I’m going to attempt to take a different mentality with all of my to-do lists and expectations.  I’m going to actually enjoy the season and all it has to offer, and try not to let stress take over.  If I don’t have the most beautiful wrapping paper for my gifts, the newest outfit for every occasion and party I am invited to, and can’t make the most delicious dish my friends and family have ever eaten – the holiday season isn’t going to come to a screeching halt.
The older I get, I am fascinated by the idea of Wonder Woman, but I do not need to be her.  I need to be the best version of me and my super human skills – emphasis on the ‘human’ part. 
What super human character were you fascinated with as a child and why?  What’s your advice for handling the stress of the holidays?