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Sometimes as a blogger I wonder, “Is anyone really listening or reading this?”  Yes I know people are clicking onto my website as I can see my stats on my site meter (my page views just exceeded over one million – as in 6 zeros – wow) but are they truly soaking up the info/advice/rambling that I write?

And then I get a thoughtful email followed by a package filled with high end skincare and cosmetic goodies from a real blog follower…

{Stuffed full of YSL, La Mer, and SKII products!}
Melissa up in Boston contacted me to let me know how much she enjoyed my blog and that she had noticed how I had mentioned a couple of times (did I sound desperate – probably:)) how I was dying to try the SKII masks that are so popular (and expensive!!).  She had access to samples of many great skin care products working in a major department store, and that she’d be happy to send me one of these masks to try out.  She understood my love of all things beauty, (and she has a heart as big as Sephora!) and sent me 2 of them to experience, PLUS a slew of other coveted mini products to try. I seriously hit the product junkie jackpot with you Melissa!!!  My thoughts on 2 of the products so far at bottom of blog.
  {My  “tweet” at bottom of the Today Show screen on Monday!}
And speaking of being grateful, I was notified by another JennySue follower on Facebook (thank you Kathy!!) that my “tweet” made it on the Today Show on the segment about gratitude and how people show it in today’s society.  I am a big fan of Today.  Let me clarify, I’m a BIG Matt Lauer fan, he’s got a nice face to stare at while drinking coffee and he’s an impeccable dresser.  But I didn’t see it the morning it aired bc I was at my son’s elementary school.  The tweet they used was…
“I’m obviously grateful for 4 my 3 healthy children. 
But also 4 MAKEUP- I’d be a scary/tired looking mom without it!”
So the fact that Kathy congratulated me on FB when I had no idea they had used it, I was able to check and find it online under the live broadcasts.  So again, I am grateful for the people looking out for this mommy with a makeup problem!!  And no, mine wasn’t the only tweet they aired, there were plenty others.  But I still found it neat to see JennySue Makeup’s name on my favorite morning show.
Now onto the products…
Here’s a peek at what a SKII facial mask actually looks like for those of you that haven’t used one.  My husband said I wasn’t allowed to show my whole face, because it was just too much (scary!). 
{Literally forms to your whole face and is soaked in miracle ingredients!}
I have a second one that I can’t wait to use again and definitely noticed its hydrating properties and my skin was super soft after using it.  Even more noticeable the morning after!  
{Wearing sample of YSL new Glossy Stain in “No7 Corail Aquatique.”}
This was another biggie I’ve been wanting to get my hands on and try are YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains – woah, a mouthful.  I got samples of 3 colors, this coral type color above and two shades of red.  These are supposedly the wave of the lip color future, as it’s a gloss/stain hybrid with huge staying power.  
{3 hours later, still very glossy!}
I would definitely say it has better staying power than most glosses this shiny and didn’t run around my face.  And I’ve worn it 2 separate days, and realized it stays MUCH better on bare clean lips than the day I wore it over another old gloss that had faded.  It has a very thick texture, but I realize that’s necessary to pull off such a long wear lip gloss with this kinda rich color – so I don’t care, although I’m sure some would.
{Did the “kiddie kiss test” to see how much would rub off on little cheeks!  Not too bad!}
For all of you that do follow and read my blog, I am GRATEFUL for YOU!!  I am so grateful that this blog has allowed me to meet and interact with so many new and fun people from all over the world.  From comments at the bottom of my blog posts that move you, to tweeting with other makeup fanatics, and the Facebook posts on my wall, I love it all.  Special thanks to Melissa R. and Kathy M. for making my week with your thoughtfulness.
Let me hear what you’re most grateful for while we’re on the subject!
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